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Adorn Your Hands with Evergreen Pearl Bangles 


Jewellery is the element that helps to bring out the beauty of a person. Women love to wear bangles in their hands. Bangles create a beautiful sound, and it attracts people. It also looks well on your hands and increases your beauty with any dress or traditional dress you wear. With the availability of the internet, you can easily buy pearl bangles online. Candere has some of the best pear bangles available on the website. You should check them out.

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Amazing designs of modern pearl bangles 

Pear is very sophisticated and gives a beautiful look to the person who wears them. The modern pearl bangles designs are very intrinsic and unique. They are light weighted, and they can go easily with any dress, be it traditional or modern. Wearing pearl bangles will bring out your true beauty in any place, be it the office, some party, or any festival. People cannot move their eyes off you. 

You will find some of the best and most amazing bangles designs on our website Candere. We have the best team of designers who keep in mind the different requirements of the people and create their stunning designs. All the intricate designs of pearl bangles are available on our webpage. You can check all the designs, and if you like them, you can easily buy pearl bangles online. 

Why should you choose traditional pearl bangles designs?

Traditional pearl bangles designs give a very classic look to the person who wears them. The traditional designs are inspired by different older architecture, and the jewellery is made thinking about ancient times. Many women still like vintage products. The traditional pearl bangles will attract them to buy them and wear them on special occasions. The traditional bangles give a pure vibe of modern as well as tradition.

Why choose 22k gold pearl bangles?

You will find that pearl bangles are usually made of gold. The gemstones are fitted upon the bangles, and it displays an ethereal view. The 22k gold pearl bangles will be firm, and they cannot be broken easily. The golden bangle will attain strength due to the presence of gold; hence, your pearls will stay safe, and they cannot get out of the bangles easily. 

If you decide to purchase the pearl bangles from our website, we assure you that our website has one of the best golden bangles. You will get genuine gold with government certificates and bills which will validate your purchase of the golden pearl bangles. Hence, you should see our website for various options.

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Price of Pearl bangles and Use of DGRP

The pearl bangles are designed so that the stones do not fall from your bangles. You will find that Pearl bangles are designed in gold with price have different price ranges. The price of pearl stone varies between 1500 or Chaw to 5000 per Chaw. And besides the stones, it also depends upon the type of bangle. If it is made in gold or silver or platinum. On our website, you will get pearl bangles ranging from INR 15000 to INR 150000. If you are thinking about how to pay for the pearl bangles, then you should check out our DGRP or Double Gold Rate Protection scheme. Through this scheme, you can pay the amount in installments ranging from 6 to 12 months, with no convenience or interest rate fee required. You can learn more about the scheme on our website.