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Pendant Sets: Elegance Personified!

A pendant is an artistic piece of ornament worn around the neck as an elegant decoration for the body. Traditionally pendant sets were worn as a charm. However, it has now become a fashion accessory and a medium for building an identity for women. Candere’s gold and diamond pendant sets are versatile and suitable to be worn daily in a casual or professional environment. 

You can pick what best suits your persona among the many pairs of earrings and pendants. Our collection of timeless sets of earrings and pendants will keep you intrigued. These fashionable pieces are the trend and a popular pick among youngsters.

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Gold Pendant Set Design: So Much to Choose from

Buying a gold pendant set is an experience in itself. There are various options for the same one to choose from. From minimalist to heavy, there is a complete range in itself for one to avail in Candere. Explore the Zirconia Gold pendant range with a touch of diamonds and other precious stones for a better choice.

Gold Pendant Set Designs For Women

These sets include a pendant with matching earrings. You can wear these with several outfits. Pendants have been one of the top picks as daily wear jewellery for women. 

It adds sheer elegance to your look, yet stays out of your way when you do your daily chores. A pendant, when worn with its matching pair of earrings, gives a complete look.

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Light Weight Gold Pendant Set

You can find 250+ earrings and pendant sets online for women. They make the best gifting jewellery as they come in simple designs to be worn daily as well as to place of work.

Diamond Jewellery Collections

All the collections at Candere are diamond jewellery collections. A bunch of diamond Kalyan Jewellers Collections are listed with us, like Glo, Ziah, Hera, and Anokhi.

If you’re looking for Candere exclusive designs, check out our top-selling collections – Miracle Plate Collection, Fleur Edition, Meraki collection, Butterfly collection, Noor Collection, Jewmetrix Collection, etc. 

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Pendant Set Designs

These designer sets also have a bunch of designer pendants that are worth a glance. The diamond pendants you see below belong to the different collections on the site. Here’s a sneak peek into the designer stuff – Adira diamond pendant set, Cherisa diamond pendant and earring set, Entwine diamond earrings and pendants and earrings, Periwinkle diamond pendant set, Darts Solitaire diamond pendants and earrings, Celestial diamond pendant and earrings, etc.

Gold Small Pendant Sets

Candere offers a huge collection of small gold pendant set designs. Thanks to their classy look, they’ll make the perfect gifting options!

Also explore geometric pendants, initial diamond pendants, classic diamond pendants & gold classic.

Diamond Pendant Set Designs

The designs of diamond pendants include the basic pendant with bail, pendant without bail, double loop pendant, and slide pendant. The earrings in these diamond sets also come with a bunch of design options like dangles, solitaires, and studs.

The diamond pendants and earrings are truly unique when coupled with matching earrings. Here are some of the premium ones – Cheshire, Cedrica, Sofiya, Flavia, Frenzy, Aashta, The LoveLock, etc.

Gold Pendant Set Designs

You will find loads of gold and diamond set collections below. Indians have a soft spot for gold and prefer wearing these metal-only designs in its full glory. The most famous type of gold pendant set design is mangalsutra and a matching earring set that makes the perfect gift for an anniversary. We have a vast collection of such gold mangalsutra pendants for you!

You will also find some fantastic gold pendants for men in the men’s section of our site.

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Diamond Pendant Sets with Price

You can expect to see some exquisite diamond pendant sets below, like Tansy Meraki diamond pendant and earrings, Curling Petals Meraki diamond earrings and pendants, Fabia Butterfly set, Wren diamond pendant and earring, Valora pendant and earring set, etc.

The diamond pendants start from ~ Rs. 7,759 with Flarious Hera diamond pendant accompanied by Flarious Hera diamond earrings and go up to ~Rs. 89,956 with Ruchira diamond earrings and pendants.

Shop these designs any time of the day by scrolling through our site. Besides, avail the advantage of online shopping for features like free home delivery, flexible payment options, and jewellery insurance. 

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What is a pendant set?

It is a jewellery item that comprises a pendant piece and matching earrings called a pendant set. They come in a variety of design patterns.

What is an earring pendant set?

It is a pendant set with complementary earrings. Some people choose to have a proper pendant with matching earrings to complete the collection. You can wear the earrings independently also to match any casual occasion also.

What are the types of pendants?

The market is flooded with great options when it comes to pendants. Some famous names include amulets, medallions, paintings, lockets, functional pendants, fashion pendants, etc. One can find various designs in animal shapes and celestial body shapes like stars and the moon, and one can choose as per their taste and budget preferences.

What is the cost of a diamond pendant?

The cost of a diamond pendant depends upon the quality, carat, cut and color of the diamond used. The additional cost factor is the metal in which the pendant is designed, like platinum or gold. Existing gold rates and making charges also play a decisive role in the cost of the jewellery piece, varying from piece to piece.