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Platinum Bracelets For Men

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    James 2 Tone Platinum Bracelet James 2 Tone Platinum Bracelet
    ₹144,983 ₹185,246

    50% OFF on Making

  2. bestSeller
    Sebastian Platinum Bracelet Sebastian Platinum Bracelet
    ₹140,045 ₹180,756

    50% OFF on Making

  3. Amos Platinum Bracelet Amos Platinum Bracelet
    ₹140,842 ₹181,785

    50% OFF on Making

  4. Cliff Platinum Bracelet Cliff Platinum Bracelet
    ₹216,733 ₹288,112

    55% OFF on Making

  5. ourPick
    Jiro Platinum Bracelet Jiro Platinum Bracelet
    ₹162,549 ₹216,084

    55% OFF on Making

  6. ourPick
    Tommaso Platinum And Rose Gold Bracelet Tommaso Platinum And Rose Gold Bracelet
    ₹172,697 ₹225,178

    55% OFF on Making

  7. Marcel Platinum And Rose Gold Bracelet Marcel Platinum And Rose Gold Bracelet
    ₹280,686 ₹367,106

    55% OFF on Making

  8. Alvize Platinum And Rose Gold Bracelet Alvize Platinum And Rose Gold Bracelet
    ₹157,181 ₹160,469

    20% OFF on Stone price

  9. bestSeller
    Leandro Platinum And Rose Gold Bracelet Leandro Platinum And Rose Gold Bracelet
    ₹100,701 ₹128,712

    50% OFF on Making

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Men and bracelets may not always have been a popular mix, but lately, they have become quite trending. Fashion icons worldwide are gracing their wrists with a trendy bracelet or two, and it looks absolutely amazing. Also explore our Platinum Jewellery, Platinum Bracelets, Platinum Pendants, Platinum Earrings, Platinum Chains & Platinum Rings.

With a stylish bracelet adorning your wrist, every gesture of yours is bound to have every eye follow it. And, what better way to catch a gaze than with stunning platinum bracelets for men? There are so many styles that platinum bracelets for men are made in, from braided platinum chains to platinum kadas, and platinum and mixed metal bracelets, we have so much to offer here at Candere. Also checkout our collections platinum necklaces,platinum couple rings,platinum engagement rings, platinum rings for girls & platinum couple bands.

Bracelets made with this durable and attractive metal are not only easy on the eyes, but they make for jewellery that will last you a lifetime and may even last generations. No matter what activity you are indulging in or what occasion you are attending, stylish platinum bracelets for men will fit right in and help make a bigger impact with your overall style. Also explore our platinum wedding rings,platinum love bands, platinum band & platinum bracelets for women.

Gold and Platinum Bracelet for Men

Mixed metal pieces like a gold and platinum bracelet for men are bolder items that tend to be better suited to those who love to make a statement with their attire. Our jewellers have created stylish bracelets with this trendy mixed metal combination, even incorporating diamonds to artfully highlight the beauty of the metals without taking attention away from it. We even offer simpler designs that will bring a subtle elegance to anything paired with. Also explore our leather bracelets, chain bracelets, tennis bracelets, link bracelets, beaded bracelets & multistrand bracelet.

Platinum Bracelets for Men Online 

Shop for stunning platinum bracelets for men online at our online store, where you will be spoilt for choice. You can take your time to look at the different designs and decide which best suits your needs. Also explore our bracelets, gold bracelets for women, diamond bracelets, stone bracelets, platinum bracelets & bracelets kada.

Platinum Bracelets Designs for Men 

The platinum bracelets designs for men that we have to offer at Candere are fashionable and masculine, made with good quality metal that has a purity of 950 and 18k gold. These will look great whether you want to wear them as elegant stand-alone pieces to add to your professional look at work or if you want to wear them casually or semi-casually by layering them along with other pieces.Also explore our solitaire bracelet, gold bracelets for men, mangalsutra bracelet, cuff bracelet, charm bracelet & kids bracelets.

Buy Platinum Bracelets Designs for Men With DGRP

Payment methods are easy as you can even choose if you would like to pay with cash on delivery or use your card when placing the order. With our DGRP plan option, you will also be able to opt to pay in instalments and get your platinum bracelets for men online at great prices With such competitive prices in the market, Candere’s platinum bracelet for men price will be a dream come true with our DGRP plan option. This plan allows you to book your jewellery with Candere online at the rate that it is being sold in the market on that very day! Not only that, but once you pick out a repayment scheme that works for you, the price won’t change even if the price in the market goes up! Also explore our Solitaire Jewellery, Solitaire Rings, Solitaire Earring, Solitaire Pendants, Solitaire Bangles, Solitaire Nose pins & Solitaire Rings for Men.