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Platinum Pendant Designs

Platinum is one of the most precious and expensive metals that you can use for your jewellery. With our current collection of totally exquisite platinum pendants, classic meets contemporary and helps to enhance your beauty multifold. Pear drop, crosses, round, and princess cut designs meticulously made from the finest platinum, with shining, sparkling diamonds at the heart of each elegant creation is a must-have in your collection.

Platinum pendants necklaces are the ultimate romantic gesture or the perfect wedding day companion for the bride. Find stunning and exquisite pendants in this enticing collection. Whether you are purchasing the pendant for personal use or as a gift for someone special, there are a few things to consider before purchasing a platinum pendant. Also explore our Platinum Jewellery, Platinum Bracelets, Platinum Pendants, Platinum EarringsPlatinum Chains & Platinum Rings.

Identify Platinum

  • If you want to buy platinum pendants online, you should first learn about its several classes. Here are some of the most common platinum hallmarks:

  • 800 Pt. 200 Pd. - Platinum purity is 80%, with palladium accounting for the remaining 20%. (Another platinum-based metal)

  • 850 Plat or 850 Pt. - Platinum purity is 85%, with the remaining 15% made up of other metals.

  • 900 Plat or 900Pt. - Platinum purity ranges from 900 to 90%, with 10% alloy metals.

  • 950 Pt. or 950 Plat. - The metal contains at least 95% pure platinum and 5% alloy metals. 

Platinum Pendants Price

Platinum pendants have a long-lasting gleam and can be worn with a variety of outfits. The platinum pendants in Candere's collection range in price from only INR 8000 to INR 5,00,000, suiting all your budgets and fashion needs. Its range includes styles that are appropriate for casual outings, work, and glamorous evening wear.

Platinum-coated pendants are also available. The pendant's worth is increased by using pure platinum. Platinum is a commonly used metal for fine pendants. It is also the most powerful and costly metal. It's also incredibly sophisticated when it comes to creating excellent platinum pendants. 

There are various fashionable platinum pendants for women available that are appropriate for any occasion. Simple pendants are also available for women to wear to work, enhancing their appearance and making them appear more elegant and professional. Without a doubt, such platinum pendants will enhance your best features. Also explore our platinum rings for men, platinum rings for women, platinum chains for men & platinum bracelets for men.

Platinum Pendants Online Shopping

There are various variables to consider while purchasing platinum pendants online in order to obtain the best value. When looking for platinum pendants, go no further than Candere's assortment.

You must consider the metal quality while purchasing a pendant. Candere's platinum jewellery collection of exceptional quality is the best option for women looking for a stunning addition to their own collection. This platinum pendants collection is particularly ideal for giving as a gift. Platinum, on the other hand, is a little pricey when compared to other metals, but it is well worth the investment. Also checkout our collections platinum necklaces, platinum couple rings, platinum engagement rings, platinum rings for girls & platinum couple bands.

Platinum Pendants Online on Easy installments

Candere's gorgeous collection of platinum pendants is now available online! However, while these accessories can be exorbitantly priced, Candere's platinum pendants price online provides you huge discounts, making these beauties just a bit more affordable. 

Also, the easy installments options available at Candere with DGRP will make your platinum pendants online shopping experience much better. Now purchase whatever you like and pay for it at your convenience. Also explore our platinum wedding rings, platinum love bands, platinum band & platinum bracelets for women.