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Be quintessentially Indian with a Pukhraj ring on your finger!

The Indian culture is popular for benefitting from the different aspects of astrology wherein the pukhraj ring occupies a huge role. The vibrant yellow colour of the stone, which gives it the name yellow sapphire  is believed to be the source of joy, happiness, abundance, and every other positive thing in your life. Its beauty is not any less than its astrological powers, which is why individuals can always be seen to be flaunting their beautiful pukhraj ring by also enjoying all the benefits that it has to offer. 

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Choosing the right ring for the pukhraj stone

It is important to pay close attention to the detailing of the pukhraj stone ring before making a purchase. This activity is relatively made easier at Candere, which provides authentic pictures of the stone so that you can make your choice without any further ado. The colour plays a huge role in deciding the quality of the stone. The brighter it is, the more it will appeal to the eyes. The tones may vary, so you must know your taste to make a purchase. A lighter tone is definitely attractive, but a darker one will give a deep and opaque appearance. Not to be confused with diamonds that are less dense than sapphires; hence, a yellow sapphire will weigh more than a diamond but be smaller in size. You can judge the authenticity of the stone by looking out for dents and scratches, which are very common if the stone is fake. Since real yellow sapphires are extremely durable, it is difficult to make any kind of impression on it that will be visible. 

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What are the designs in a pukhraj ring?

Astrology is the reason why the pukhraj ring is so much in demand, and the rules dictate that the ring cannot be worn during a random time period of the day. It is recommended to be slid into the index finger on a Thursday between 5 am to 7 am when the moon is on the verge of setting. Moreover, the pukhraj ring design has to be such that it establishes contact with the skin of the person wearing it. Only then will it have a positive influence on their life.

Women’s pukhraj ring designs

The stone does not discriminate between genders when it comes to showering its many powers over every individual who wears it. The ring thrives under the influence of the planet of Jupiter, which is deemed as a teacher. Hence, women who undertake the roles of a lawyer, teacher, or poet benefit immensely from it. The pukhraj ring design for females can be the reason behind an extremely happy and satisfying married life with a flourishing future. In fact, a survey will tell that most Indian women have a pukhraj stone in contact with themselves as they seek prosperity and happiness in their families. 

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Men’s pukhraj ring designs

The immensely attractive pukhraj ring design for male is capable of more that goes beyond its physical appearance. It not only protects you from physical harm but also makes sure that you have constant mental peace to tackle the different obstacles in life and achieve the pinnacle of success. Shop today from Candere’s range of pukhraj rings at affordable rates. 

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Buy pukhraj rings with DGRP

Avail of the premium DGRP plan for gold jewellery at Candere, with which your gold jewellery will be insured, and you can pay the entire amount in installments. So, it is a win-win situation for all and certainly one of the best plans designed exclusively for gold jewellery.