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Rings for Women

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Rings For Women: Glittering Band of Love

Women have worn rings as ornamental jewellery since ancient times. The tradition of exchanging rings dates back around 3000 years. Their significance varies with different cultures and countries all across the globe. 

Rings represented eternity for the ancient Egyptians and devotion for the Romans. The use of yellow gold increased by the 2nd century. They became more stylish in appeal by the 3rd or 4th century BCE. It then started representing marriage contracts, friendships, or partnerships. 

Gold wedding rings began to be adorned with precious gems by Medieval Europeans. Diamond rings came into vogue in the late 100 CEs. 

The oldest rings have been discovered in the Indus Valley Civilization from the 3rd Millenium BCE in ancient India. Gold rings have been used as personal talismans to augment feminine beauty. It is also gifted as a pledge of love to seal any romantic relationship. 

Rings- Styling Tips And Uses

The Egyptians usually wore gold rings on the left-hand ring finger. They believed the vein of love led straight to the heart. Rings can mark social status and wealth during any symbolic occasion. It is also given as a gift for exceptional personal achievements. 

New-age designer rings can be matched with regular and business outfits to complement the elegant personality of women. Gold rings for women can be gifted on birthdays, engagements, anniversaries, family, or festive occasions.

How To Choose The Right Ring?

Rings can be forged from purest quality gold in yellow, white, platinum, or a combination. They reflect the aesthetic sensibilities of its master artist. Gold's glowing warmth, skin-friendly nature, low upkeep, and high resale value based on mumbai gold rate today 24 carat make it a desirable option. Moreover, its potential as a secure asset for the future adds to its appeal as a practical and valuable choice.

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How The Ring Size And Fitting Can Be Checked?

The perfect round and intimate ring fits snugly on the finger. You can make it from the softest and most malleable gold metal. The ring measurement tool or a key ring lined with a gradient of different sizes can guide you. It will help you to find the right size before purchasing the ring. This way, you can find the perfect ring.

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What kinds of designs are available for Rings?

Diverse ring designs come in classic yellow or contemporary pink gold. Rings can incorporate different generations' varied tastes and preferences. There are multiple choices, from depicting hieroglyphics and simple engravings to showcasing graceful patterns. 

A casual everyday ring is usually lightweight. It is also available in multiple designs:

  • Dramatic rings adorned with bright birthstones
  • Dual heart rings
  • Nature motifs like a flower or leaf design rings
  • Special couple engagement rings
  • Geometric shapes
  • Filigree work
  • Charm evil-eye 
  • Ring representing infinity shape 
  • Typographic designs, and so on.

All these can set trends and make you a head-turner. Other prominent options you can add to your jewellery collection include: Statement Rings, Promise Rings, Classic Rings & Cocktail Rings.

The use of brilliantly shiny diamonds on a wavy gold band is amazing. It can make a statement for endless compliments and praise in any social circle.

Buying Your Favorite Ring With DGRP

Get ready to shop from the wide range of rings available on the Candere website or stores. Enroll for the DGRP scheme that allows the customer to pay just 10% of the total value of the product. The remaining amount can be paid in easy installments. The rest depends on your budget to choose the perfect ring that can amp up your fashion game.

For details on the current gold prices across various cities, please explore our dedicated pages. gold-rate-today in kerala, gold-rate-today in pune, gold-rate-today in vijayawada, gold-rate-today in kolkata, gold-rate-today in coimbatore & gold-rate-today in ahmedabad.