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Rose Gold Engagement Rings - Timeless charm to the one you love

From classic solitaires to stunning vintage designs, rose gold engagement rings bring a timeless charm to the one you love. This versatile metal complements any skin tone or style and adds a subtle sparkle to any occasion. Explore our selection of unique engagement rings, featuring a wide range of designs, styles, and settings. Whether you’re looking for a simple engagement ring or an amethyst engagement ring set in rose gold, you are sure to find something special. Read on to find the perfect engagement ring for you or that special someone in your life.

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Unique Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Rose gold engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular for couples looking for something far more special and eye-catching than the traditional white gold and yellow gold bands. From vintage and antique looks to more trendy and intricate designs, there's something for everyone in terms of finding something truly unique in rose gold.

If a couple is looking for a truly one-of-a-kind rose gold engagement ring, the best bet for them would be to get a custom-made option. Not only can they customize the design and see exactly how their dream look will turn out, but they also get to learn more about each design aspect while they're at it. Whether they're looking for a hidden message inside a ring or a completely unique etched pattern on its surface, they can go all out with this option.

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Simple Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Couples who prefer a simpler and more classic design won't be disappointed with the available rose gold bands either. These rings come in various shapes and styles, including solitaire and halo. Many include sparkling accents such as white diamonds, clear gemstones, or even coloured gemstones, further adding to the beauty of the ring. There are also more traditional designs available in rose gold, a classic among brides, such as chevron-style bands or rings with milgrain edges. The subtle warmth of the rose gold with the glimmering brilliance of the stones make these rings truly special.

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Rose Gold Engagement Rings for Women

Engagement rings can be the perfect way to add a touch of femininity and colour to the classic wedding band. With its pinkish hue, rose gold adds a romantic flair to the design and looks especially stunning against a woman's skin tone. Those looking for something more traditional in this colour will be happy to find designs such as solitaire, halo, three-stone, and more. On the other hand, more modern and luxurious designs, such as rose gold wedding bands featuring pavé diamonds, often seen in the form of the popular micropavé look, are perfect for couples looking for something a bit more special for their engagement ring.

Rose Gold Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Princess cut engagement rings are as timeless as they come. This particular cut, which is square with pointed ends, gives a unique feel that, combined with the pinkish hue of rose gold, makes for a truly captivating ring. While there are more traditional princess cut designs available, such as four-prong settings and solitaire bands, there are also more modern designs such as three-stone princess cut or double halo bands that can add extra flair. No matter what the couple's preference when it comes to design, they can easily find the perfect ring with the perfect hue to suit their individual style.

Amethyst Engagement Ring Rose Gold

Rose gold has recently gained in popularity for engagement rings and amethyst engagement rings rose gold creates a unique and fashionable look. The combination of the passionate purple of the amethyst stone, along with the warm, inviting tones of rose gold, creates a ring that is both fashionable and romantic. Amethyst is a stone which symbolizes wisdom, courage, and trust, making an amethyst engagement ring rose gold an ideal choice for that special moment.

Rose gold is an alloy of yellow gold and copper, and the amount of copper present will alter the hue of the gold. The benefits of rose gold is that due to the metal being an alloy, it is stronger and less likely to scratch than pure gold. Rose gold is also the perfect choice for people with skin allergies and sensitivity to other metals, as it is hypoallergenic and less toxic than traditional metals. When looking for a stunning amethyst engagement ring rose gold, it is important to select a ring that accentuates the features of the stone. Rose gold helps to bring out the darker hues in the amethyst, creating a romantic look. It also helps to enhance the clarity of the stone, creating jewelry that stands out for all the right reasons.

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Rose Gold Engagement Rings Online

As rose gold has become increasingly popular, more and more people are looking to purchase rose gold engagement rings online. Buying jewellery online can be a great option as there is a wide selection of styles and designs at prices that are often much lower than they would be in physical stores. When deciding on an online vendor, it is important to look for a trusted source. They should have excellent reviews and customer service, as well as detailed information about the materials used.

They should also provide a warranty or guarantee so that the ring can be replaced should it become damaged. In addition to fitting and practical concerns, it is important to consider the stone shape, size, and quality. A good quality amethyst will have a deep and vibrant color, with no visible signs of inclusions. It is also important to ensure that the ring setting is securely crafted, and it is wise to pick a ring design that allows the beauty of the amethyst to shine through.

Rose Gold Wedding Band and Platinum Engagement Ring

The combination of a wedding band and a platinum engagement ring is a classic look that will always remain in style. This combination creates an interesting contrast as the platinum brings out the brighter colors of the diamonds in the engagement ring, while the rose gold creates a warm and inviting backdrop. In addition to their fashion appeal, wedding bands and engagement rings in this combination are great because they’re very durable.

Platinum is the strongest of all the precious metals, and is much more scratch resistant than either gold or silver, while rose gold is an alloy which makes it stronger and less likely to scratch than pure gold. When shopping for a wedding band and engagement ring set, it is wise to look for matching designs which coordinate nicely with each other. For example, some styles feature curved or interlocking designs with both pieces set with stones, so that when worn together the stones almost seem to flow into each other.

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Rose Gold Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

A diamond solitaire engagement ring is the perfect way to make a romantic statement. The diamond’s classic sparkle stands out against the warm, inviting tones of the rose gold and makes for a stunning surprise. When choosing a rose gold diamond ring, it is important to select a center stone that radiates beauty. For example, some stones may have a yellow tint, while others may have a blue tint or even a pink or champagne hue. These variations in colour can help to create a look that is truly unique. In terms of setting styles, there are many to choose from.

Bezel settings are the classic choice, as they help to protect the diamond against damage due to their secure fit. Prong settings also create a very secure fit, but they also help to emphasize the diamond. There are also scalloped or halo settings which can help to create the look of a larger diamond, even with a small centre stone. No matter the style, when selecting a rose gold diamond solitaire engagement ring, it is important to choose a ring that fits the finger comfortably and look for a vendor that provides a warranty or guarantee, so that the ring can be replaced should it become damaged.

Perfect Engagement Ring 

Engagements are special. A perfect engagement ring just adds to. Just like your better half is special, shouldn’t their engagement ring be special too? Rose Gold engagement rings not only looks pretty but also are the perfect companion to your better half’s blush. Moreover, these rings are good enough to be your ring for celebrating 25years or 50years of togetherness or even more!

Rose Gold Engagement Ring Designs

You might think that Rose Gold has been around for the past couple of year. Actually it has been in the picture since mid-19th century. Rose Gold is an alloy of gold and copper and it’s majorly used for making jewellery. Higher the copper content, redder is the gold! Rose Gold was also known as Russian Gold for some time. Rose Gold can be distinguished from Yellow Gold and White Gold, yet the purity is not compromised.

Candere brings to you a wonderful collection of Rose Gold Engagement Rings for him and her. In this collection, you will find rose gold solitaire engagement rings. The only solitaire used in these rose gold engagement rings is a diamond. The best thing about these engagement ring is, they are not very plain or boring looking. Most of the rings are well detailed in the form of a heart, eye, etc. 

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Rose Gold Diamond  Engagement Rings

The Neria Glo Diamond ring is a beautiful rose gold oval engagement ring with a solitaire placed in the middle of an eye. Other rings such as the Izarra Ziah Diamond Ring and Meira Ziah Diamond Ring come with a single band but big solitaires which make them look so very amazing. 

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