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Rose Gold Necklace

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A necklace can make or break a look, so fashionistas need to be very careful with their selected piece. With the collection of rose gold necklace that Candere offers, that won't be a problem again. With the average piece having a purity of 18k, and high-quality stones crafted into jewellery by skilled artisans, Candere is well equipped to meet your jewellery needs. 

Colours are all the rage, which means that rose gold holds a particular interest to people. Pink gold is rare as it has to be specially made by mixing gold with copper to bring out that special blush that makes it so desirable! That is why owning one, or perhaps a couple of rose gold necklace, will make your jewellery collection the envy of all. 

Wearing jewellery doesn't always just have to be about displaying wealth and prestige; it can also be worn to express a person's tastes in the pieces that are chosen and worn. You know you are doing it right, however, when your jewellery is both an artful way to express yourself, as well as gives off an aura of luxury, style and comfort.

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Rose Gold Necklace with Diamonds

You cannot pass diamonds by when you are looking for that special element to glam up your look, so consider a rose gold necklace with diamonds to spice up your look at your next event. Candere showcases stunning designs that are sure to make heads turn. 

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Rose Gold Necklace and Earring Set

Having a matching rose gold necklace and earring set will save you the trouble of mixing and matching jewellery. However, when you are only looking for a necklace and an earring set, having to opt for an entire set, including rings and bracelets, may seem unnecessary to you. You can create your rose gold necklace and earring set using many earrings and necklaces sold separately at the Candere online store.

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Rose Gold Necklace Designs

There is so much to explore at the Candere online store when looking at rose gold necklaces. The rose gold necklace designs bring together the vintage appeal of rose gold with the modern trends and bold designs that are popular today. Candere carries an exciting range of rose gold necklace designs that you can browse before deciding on the one you want.

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Buy smart with Candere's DGRP plan

Purchasing a rose gold necklace made skilfully using good quality products often means making a huge dent in your finances. But with Candere's DGRP plan, you will be able to purchase this exquisite jewellery at the rate that gold is being sold on the very day that you are making the booking. With smart planning, you will be able to make a great bargain, and you will only need to pay 10% of the price as an advance!