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Round Nose Pin Design

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The Must-Have Classic Round Nose Pin

It can be safely said that the round nose pin design with varying sizes of diamond embedded within has been around for so long that we have lost track of time. The sole reason for this domination asserted by this pattern single-handedly is the way it can fit any situation, outfit, and occasion. That being said, these beautiful nose pins have been sported by so many women over the decades, with no barriers of age.

So, if you are someone who got a recent piercing and are looking for a simple yet good nose ring to get used to the feeling of wearing jewellery on your nose, our round nose pin design could be your next best friend. 

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Why should you pick the round nose pin design?

As per common suggestions from regular wearers of nose pins and nose rings, the round nose pin design is the best possible option for a good level of comfort as well as professionalism is concerned. Though there are no set boundaries as to who should wear these pieces, they seem to be the best choice for anyone involved in a very professional set-up, be it a school or workplace.

These round nose pin design collections are highly compatible with any possible face shape. Also, since our Candere collections make use of high-quality gold for our production, they also come with a promise of zero allergies or adverse reactions. This is an important thing to consider because the nose is a very sensitive area.

What to expect from your round nose pin design?

As mentioned earlier, the round nose pin design is the most suitable piece of jewellery for regular and rough use. These nose pins are crafter to withstand high levels of stress and activity and do not get damaged easily, which makes them perfect for usage even under adverse conditions.

When paired with our exquisite diamonds, the round nose pin design tends to compliment any face shape and skin tone perfectly, thereby taking out one of your worries off the list.

An appropriate price range

Like every other product of Candere, our round nose pin design and diamond rings are also priced at a very reasonable and clearly understandable point.

As explained in other articles regarding diamonds, the pricing of our diamonds is based on the carat it holds and its size as a basic criterion. Taking a deeper look, there are several other important factors as well. After considering all this, our round nose pin design pieces have a price range varying from INR 4,000 to over INR 30,000.

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Buy round nose pins with DGRP

To protect you from the fluctuating gold prices in the market, we now provide options to purchase your round nose pin design and other jewellery with DGRP, which is Double Gold Rate Protection. On availing of these services, you can fix your resale value to the current price of your gold jewellery, hence maintaining a good resale value for your gold. This will help make the most out of your jewellery purchase when you want to keep everything within a defined budget.