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A Guide to Ruby Engagement Rings

Are you looking for the perfect ruby engagement ring? If so, you have come to the right place. This guide provides in-depth information on ruby engagement rings, including various types of cuts, meanings, and popular trends, to help you pick out the perfect engagement ring for your special person.

Celebrity Ruby Engagement Rings

Celebrities have been choosing ruby engagement rings to announce their betrothal for centuries. It's no surprise that some of the world’s most well-known people have chosen this bright and bold jewel for their engagement rings. From royalty and Hollywood elite to the sports world, the Red Carpet crowd and beyond, ruby rings have become a timeless and classic symbol of love and commitment.

Ruby Engagement Ring Meaning

The ruby represents passion, courage and confidence, making it a unique and meaningful symbol of engagement. Its fiery red hue is associated with love and is said to represent the intensity of your commitment to each other. Rubies are also said to bring good fortune and will inspire you to build a strong marriage and relationship.

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Emerald Cut Ruby Engagement Rings

The emerald cut is the most popular ruby engagement ring style. It is a type of step cut, meaning it is cut with a simple but intricate angular pattern of parallel lines that create a lustrous and light effect. Its classic, timeless style makes it a popular choice for engagement rings.

Pear Shaped Ruby Engagement Rings

Pear-shaped ruby rings are a stunning option for someone who wants a non-traditional look. The tear shape of the pear is perfect for emphasizing the deep hue of a ruby. The slightly shorter and thicker look of the pear-shaped gemstone makes it perfect for a modern twist on a classic piece.

Ruby and Emerald Engagement Rings

Ruby and emerald engagement rings are a unique combination of deep red and intense green gems. These hues are said to represent the inner strength and compassion in a relationship, and pairing these two shades symbolizes a bright and long-lasting future.

Men Ruby Engagement Rings

Men's ruby engagement rings are a bold and stylish way to express your commitment to the one you love. The masculine nature of the ruby, representing strength and courage, caters to the modern man while still evoking a classic and timeless look. They are a great way to symbolize your bond in a unique and creative way.

Pink Ruby Engagement Ring

A pink ruby engagement ring is perfect for someone looking for something a bit softer and more subtle. The slightly lighter hue of pink brings out the natural beauty of the ruby and is a great way to make your ring unique and special. It is said to represent the passionate and unconditional love one has for the other, making it the perfect choice for an engagement ring.

Ruby Engagement Rings India

India is home to many of the world's most beautiful and valuable gemstones, and ruby rings are a highly sought-after choice for engagement rings. Ruby rings come in a variety of styles, such as solitaire designs, multi-stone settings, and combinations of precious metals. Ruby engagement rings from India often feature stones that vary in cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight, giving them a unique and beautiful look. When searching for an engagement ring that speaks to the beauty and tradition of India, a ruby ring is a perfect way to express your love.

Ruby Sapphire Engagement Rings

For couples looking to make a statement, ruby-sapphire engagement rings are a stunning choice. Ruby-sapphire combines the beauty of ruby and sapphire gemstones, creating a ring that is both traditional and modern. Azure blue sapphires and deep red rubies work together beautifully in any setting style, whether it is a classic solitaire or a more intricate vintage-inspired look. Ruby-sapphire rings are an excellent way to honour the significance of two stones that were long used as symbols of love and devotion.

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White Gold Ruby Engagement Rings

White gold ruby engagement rings offer a simple elegance that is perfect for modern brides. The contrast of the warmly coloured ruby against the cool white gold of the band makes the red gemstone appear to pop off the finger. White gold is also highly durable, meaning your ring will remain beautiful for many years to come. When you choose a white gold ruby engagement ring, you are investing in a timeless symbol of love that will be treasured for generations.

Engagement Rings with Ruby Stones

The beauty of ruby engagement rings lies in the precious gemstones used to create them. Rubies are known for their scintillating ruby red hues, but rubies of different colours and grades can be used in engagement rings as well. Coloured rubies, such as deep purples or vibrant oranges, can add a unique flair to any ring. Furthermore, unique or rare diamonds can make your ring stand out from the crowd. Whether you choose bold colours or rare stones, a ruby engagement ring is sure to sparkle like no other.

Female Ruby Engagement Rings

For the modern woman, ruby engagement rings can be the perfect representation of her beauty and strength. Ruby rings are often made in sleek, modern settings that are designed with a contemporary twist. Whether it is a statement piece with baguettes, or a more delicate style with pavé diamonds, a ruby engagement ring is an excellent way to express your love in an unexpected way. Ruby is also a symbol of courage and ambition, so what better way to celebrate an engagement than with a jewellery piece that perfectly displays her spirit of adventure?

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Opal and Ruby Engagement Rings

Opal and ruby engagement rings can create a truly stunning look for your special someone. Combining two vibrant stones in one ring creates a unique and show-stopping look. True blue opals can add a striking contrast to ruby's classic ruby red hues, creating a dazzling array of colours. Whether you choose a solitaire setting or an intricate three-stone style, opal and ruby rings can be an excellent expression of your adoration and commitment.

Platinum Ruby Engagement Rings

Platinum ruby engagement rings offer an elevated and classic look. The white colour of platinum complements the deep red of ruby stones, while its superior strength provides exceptional protection to your gemstones. When combining platinum and ruby, you can choose between a more modern look with sleek contemporary settings, or a vintage-inspired style with timeless decorative details. Whichever you choose, a platinum ruby ring is sure to be a timeless symbol of your devotion.

Ruby Custom Engagement Rings

If you're looking for something truly unique, ruby custom engagement rings are a great way to make a statement of your love. With a custom ring, you can tailor each detail to create the perfect design for your special someone. Whether you opt for an intricate multi-stone setting or a simple solitaire, you can choose the ruby shape, the setting, and the finish for the perfect look. Customizing a ruby engagement ring will make it all the more meaningful, and your partner will cherish it for a lifetime.