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Get that Unique Look with Second Piercing Earrings

Second piercing earrings are back in vogue. Women love to adorn themselves with multiple earrings, and men have also adopted them with changing times. These earrings come in various contemporary designs to serve your taste. However, adorning yourself with large, flashy earrings might seem unprofessional. Especially Industrial or Gauge piercings might not abide by your workplace's dress code. However, you can wear them on casual outings and establish a unique style statement. 

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Select Second Piercing Earrings Designs as per your Taste and Trend 

Second piercing earrings are carried as per taste and boldness. The designs mostly depend on the kind of piercing you choose to don. You can have different types of piercings like Conch, Earlobe, Earhead, Tragus, etc., as per your preference. Get the second piercing earrings designs that suit your style and look.

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Designs Galore in Second Ear Piercing Earrings

Once you choose the kind of piercing you want to opt for, you can select the second ear-piercing earrings of your choice. Helix earrings include studs, snug earrings are mostly barbell earrings, rook piercing looks good with captive bead earrings and curved barbells, conch earrings are mostly captive bead rings, small hoop rings are ideal for orbital piercing, hoops or studs fit best in tragus piercing, go for curved barbell jewellery for daith piercing and intricate silver jewellery fit best in auricle piercing.

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Go on a Second Piercing Earrings Shopping Spree Online 

Different second piercing earrings are available online in India. Once you decide upon the kind of style you want to incorporate, you can choose various earrings in diamonds, gold or silver. You can pair helix and tragus piercing, triple lobe piercing, or double lobe and tragus piercing to look stunning. Choose from various modern designs to oomph up the look. Second piercing earrings are available in floral, animal, moon and other patterns, which can stylise your entire look and make you appear classy. 

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So Much to Choose from Kalyan Jewellers Second Piercing Earrings Options

Kalyan jeweller's second piercing earrings are curated to serve you with the latest styles and intricate designs that are timeless. This hallmarked jewellery is made of pure gold and bright diamonds to give you an edge over others. Brighten up with the latest trends that complement your taste and vibe with Kalyan Jewellers Second Piercing Earrings. Choose your favourite design and get them delivered to your home.


Never go out of style by grabbing these customised second piercing earrings online only on Candere. 

Get your favourite Second Piercing Earrings in Gold with DGRP

You want to purchase your favourite second piercing Earrings, but your budget stops you. Opt for the Candere DGRP scheme. The Double Gold Rate Protection (DGRP) plan allows you to take home your favourite piece of jewellery in installments. All you have to deposit is 10 per cent of the overall cost.


What is a good age to get a second ear piercing?

One must not opt for a second ear piercing before age 10 since it can be too intense to bear the pain and needs some time to heal.

Can you wear hoop earrings in the second hole?

Yes, minimal hoop earrings can be worn as second piercing earrings.

What is a second ear piercing or double ear piercing?

A double ear piercing is done on the lower part of your earlobe with two single piercings adjacent to each other. However, there is a significant amount of time taken between each piercing.