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Small Nose Pins: Ethnically You!!

Nose pins are an integral part of Indian beauty. Indian women have been wearing nose pins for ages to transform their look. Nose pins are considered a sacred accessory that every bride should wear till the end of the marriage. It adds definition to the feminine features and elevates your beauty with added grace. However, women opt for small nose pins to oomph up their style in this era. They specifically choose small pins over the elaborate ones which can fit both western and traditional outfits.

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Small Diamond Nose Pin: Your daily glitter!!

A small nose pin adorned with diamond immediately brightens up your face. The intricately carved diamond pin adds subtle femininity and appeal that is too mesmerising to ignore. The beauty of these nose pins lies in their tone, which can complement any outfit. Diamond nose studs are versatile and can be worn at weddings and during office presentations. Candere nose pins come in small 0.05ct - 0.15ct as well as slightly larger 0.15ct - 0.3ct. The stone shapes are either triangles or round. Depending upon the number of stones, it can be a solitaire nose pin or a multi-stone nose pin.

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Small Gold Nose Pin: Royal and elegant!!

Small nose pin also comes in pure gold with intricate ornamentations, and these are lightweight and more affordable than diamond studs. The exquisite gold nose pins can come in rose gold, white gold, or pure gold tone to cater to every preference. The sophisticated, unique designs will leave you spoilt for choice. Match your gold nose pin with traditional Indian outfits like sarees and kurta. If your nose pin comes in a quirky design, you can sport it with western dresses to create a fusion look.

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Small Nose Pin Designs: Get Spoilt for Choices!!

In this era, small nose pin designs vary heavily to match every style and outfit. Styles such as screw, hoops, rings, or a wire closure is quite popular among modern women. These nose pins come in every shape, and the weight is not mostly greater than 0.15 ct. 

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Kalyan Jewellers Small Nose Pin: Magnify your Charm!!

Kalyan Jewellers' small nose pin collection can range from pretty floral designs to triangle stone settings on a prong or pave or simply solitaire designs in geometrical patterns. The small yet significant designs by Kalyan Jewellers magnify your charm. Get yourself dolled up with Candere's state-of-the-art stunning nose pins, or gift them at weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays to reflect your tasteful choice. Buy your favourite nose pins online at Candere and get them delivered to your doorstep.

Get your Favourite Small Gold Nose Pin with DGRP

Don't leave your favourite small nose pin behind because your pocket is not allowing it. Know DGRP. Double Gold Rate Protection is a scheme that will enable the buyer to pay only 10% of the total amount at the checkout, and the remaining amount can be paid in easy installments over a period of a few months. 


How do I choose a nose pin?

Nose studs fit every shape and any Indian or Western attire. If you have a broad nose choose a big nose stud adorned with stone, and for a narrower nose, decide to buy a smaller stud.

Which nose stud is the best?

For first-time nose piercing, a twist nose stud is the best as it is secure and comfortable. This stud has a curved post to fit through the piercing. 

Why do girls wear nose pins?

As per Indian custom and tradition, wearing a nose pin symbolises that the girl is of marrying age, and it is also a way to show respect to the Hindu Goddess of marriage, Parvati. However, according to Ayurveda, nose piercing on the left side relieves the muscles related to the reproductive system ensuring fertility.