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Tanzanite Rings & Bands: the African Diamond

Often considered to be a gemstone with regard as high as that of diamond, tanzanite is one of the rarest stones to be found on earth. However, it is highly undervalued, compared to diamonds, because of its inability to be useful in the industrial sectors. Nonetheless, the bright blue and violet of tanzanite rings never fail to attract attention. Along with tanzanite rings, it is worn by people in pendants, earrings, and necklaces. Based on the popular comparison of tanzanite with diamond, one can easily expect tanzanite to cost more or less like a diamond, but they cost far less and are way more affordable. With Candere, you can have an exquisite collection of tanzanite rings to choose from. 

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The features of  tanzanite diamond rings & Bands

There are only 8 square miles (20 square kilometers) of tanzanite in Tanzania, which supplies all the world's tanzanite. Diamonds, on the other hand, are considered rare and can be found in more than 30 countries on five continents. Indeed, these rare pieces of blue beauty are Africa’s real blue diamonds. And it is no less than a myth that tanzanites are easily breakable or fragile, as it is determined simply by the way it is manufactured. Preserve your love till the end in the form of a tanzanite diamond ring from Candere and make your engagement ring or Valentine’s day gift stand out from others.  

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Where can you get tanzanite rings and bands of the finest quality?

Tanzanites are the blue variety of the gemstone Zoisite, which is usually green or brown. Zoisite is treated with heat, and its pale green or shabby brown is turned into a vivid violet or blue, which is popularly known as tanzanite. The fine quality of tanzanite can be determined by characteristics like nice transparency or eye-clean clarity, which is not available everywhere. At Candere, we do not compromise with quality, even though we try to keep it affordable for you. Shop high-quality tanzanite rings from Candere and embellish the happiest moments in your life with this rare find in the world of gems or wear it simply to adorn your fingers with grace. 

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Can tanzanite rings and bands be worn as birthstones?

Tanzanite was discovered in 1967 and added to the birthstone list in 2002 and is now regarded as one of the world's most popular blue gemstones. Imagine yourself as lucky if your birthday is in December, as your birthstone becomes tanzanite automatically!̧ Although tanzanite rings do not really need a reason and occasion to be worn, you can definitely wear them even if you are not a December-born. Although mainly violet and blue, a phenomenon known as pleochroism causes tanzanite to display different colours depending on the angle from which it is viewed. This makes it even more attractive, doesn’t it? Anyone would be glad to flaunt a tanzanite birthstone ring on their fingers and if your birthstone is also tanzanite, check out Candere’s beautiful range of tanzanite rings, where we give you a wide range to pick from according to your preference, all within affordable pricing. 

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Buy tanzanite rings with DGRP

DGRP or Double Gold Rate Protection Plan is Candere's exclusive scheme designed to help you deal with the fluctuating price of gold in the market. Buy tanzanite rings with DGRP and sit back and relax, as you do not have to pay the whole amount at once. You can choose an insurance plan from 2-12 months and pay on a monthly basis and bring home the beautiful piece of jewellery.