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Tassel earrings: wildfire amongst youngsters

Tassel earrings are a special type of dangle earrings that has spread like wildfire amongst youngsters these days. This trend is sure to stay for the longer time. They are playful, they are colourful… so why not turn them into fine jewellery?

We have designed a bunch of tassel earrings for you which includes different colours, motifs and themes. We intend to grow the catalogue because things that are so playful and colourful and a delight to wear should always be in abundance. 

Tassel Gold Earrings

Tassel gold earrings are these new playful fashion earrings that have taken over the market. Here are some tassel earrings for you – Dancing Disbud Tassel Earrings, The Morning Rain Tassel Earrings, Koira Nivara Tassel Earrings, Malina Tassel Earrings, Nirjha Tassel Earrings,

Black Tassel Earrings

Stunning Tassel Earrings are gorgeous playful and black tassel earrings at Candere. They belong to Fleur Edition, the floral jewellery collection. The long dainty chain sure makes the earrings look very feminine yet fierce. A perfect gift for a bold girl who doesn’t shy dressing up according to her whims and fancies!

Tassel earrings are quite the colourful pair. We wanted to give the same to our customers. That’s why the tassel earrings mentioned above comes in Yellow Gold and Rose Gold colour options. Make sure you check out the different colour coding of the earring before selecting the one for you!

Long Tassel Earrings

The best thing about a pair of tassel earrings is, their flowing length. Here are some more tassel earrings for you – Pearly Splash Tassel Earrings, Tanvii Tassel Earrings, Assane Tassel Earrings, Manjusha Tassel Earrings and many more!

Tassel Earrings Price

Tassel Earrings price at Candere starts at Rs. 14,100 (approx.). The tassel earrings price at Candere can be considered lower than this owing to the jaw-dropping offers we give to all our customers. Not only will you find your choice of tassel earrings here, you will find them at affordable pricing. Tassel earrings price online in India is quite competitive; the perfect range to suit all types of budgets and to let you enhance your look whether at work or at festivities!