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Tourmaline Ring

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The “Brazilian Emerald” of the world: Tourmaline

Generally referred to as the October birthstone and very often frowned at because of its fragility, tourmaline is one of the unique gemstones available to humankind and a designer’s favourite due to a multitude of reasons. One among them is the variety of colours that a tourmaline ring can come in. Let us give you an interesting detail in this context, which will make the stone even more interesting to you. The stone got its name from the Sinhalese word “turamali,” meaning “stone of mixed colour”. Tourmaline rings have the capability to replace finer and costlier gemstones like ruby or emerald without reducing their essence since it is definitely one of the most affordable among the lot. However, sometimes it's pricing can get a little complicated due to factors like manufacturing process, texture, origin, and others. As these rings are convenient in more than one way, they can be used to serve many purposes like on the occasion of engagement, as birthday presents, anniversaries, etc. 

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The characteristics of tourmaline rings in black

As mentioned before, a tourmaline ring can come in a range of colours, and at Candere, you will get almost all of them. Colour is a big factor in determining the value of a ring, not only because of its pricing but also because each colour conveys a different meaning. Black is such a colour that it can attract attention in any form, be it a piece of clothing or a rare gemstone. A black tourmaline ring is a rare variety, and its magnificent finish is going to steal the show no matter whatever colour you pair it up with. But black tourmaline stones are among the rarest colours in tourmaline and might cost you a little higher because of their limited supply and demand. 

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What are the benefits of tourmaline rings in pink?

Pink and red tourmaline rings are one of the most popular ones, and due to the imitative quality of the ruby, they are also known as rubellites. Tourmaline also offers some exquisite pink shades; for example, based on the difference in finish, tourmaline pinks can be soft, medium, dense, rich, or reddish-pink. A pink tourmaline ring can be a perfect engagement ring, symbolizing happiness, mirth, and love, making it an ideal present for your loved ones on Valentine’s day. Get your hands on the perfect pink shade of tourmaline at an affordable price only here, at Candere.

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Buy diamond and tourmaline rings at affordable prices

If you go to any jewellery designer, he or she will tell you that a tourmaline is no way less appealing than a diamond. It is said that a diamond ring is a girl’s best friend, and right said, a diamond is one of those gemstones which can never go out of style, even in the next hundred years at least. Depending on your preference, diamonds come in a handful of sizes and shapes, like the brilliant round, teardrop, heart, or the classical marquise, among others. At Candere, we bring to you a collection of some of these finest quality tourmaline and diamond ring designed to perfection and precision to suit every occasion, be it your anniversary or engagement. 

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Get tourmaline rings with DGRP

If you buy tourmaline rings from Candere with our premium Double Gold Rate Protection plan, neither do you have to worry about the fluctuating price of gold nor pay the whole amount in one go. Therefore, opt for tourmaline rings with DGRP and enjoy all its benefits. 

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