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White Gold Band Rings

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Buy White Gold Band Rings Online!

White Gold Band Rings

Looking for something classy yet stylish? Explore our wide range of white gold band rings. These versatile band rings can be styled in multiple ways and go well with almost any kind of outfit. 


The pure and serene colour of white gold radiates peace and positivity upon those who wear it. Our white gold diamond band is an ideal piece of jewellery as an engagement ring or you can wear it daily to add some oomph to your outfit. Its comfortable design is perfect for both men and women. 

White gold Wedding Band

Gone are the days of traditional-looking, heavy and bulky wedding bands. Couples nowadays prefer to showcase their love with minimalism! This is why we have launched a dedicated collection of thin white gold wedding bands! 


These lightweight wedding bands prioritize comfort and can be easily worn throughout the day. Our 10mm white gold wedding band is extremely popular among couples! You can also twin with your partner in our matching wedding bands. 


If you are looking for something unique yet elegant, then we recommend trying our curved wedding band white gold. So, hurry up and upgrade your basic wedding bands with Candere! Shop now!

White Gold Band Ring Designs

Our expert designers have come up with the most beautiful white gold band ring designs. These designs are perfect for couples who love minimalism and elegance. Its sleek and modern design makes it a piece of perfect everyday jewellery


The design is suitable to wear throughout the day without worrying about dullness or tarnishing. Our band ring designs are a perfect choice for the modern-day couple. 

White Gold Band Rings For Women

It's time for celebrations because Candere has just launched a collection of the most beautiful ladies' white gold wedding bands! These white gold bands for females are a perfect gift for your girlfriend, fiance or wife. It is the most romantic gift for her that you can give on her birthday or anniversary or any other special occasion. 


These white gold band rings for women are lightweight and comfortable. She can wear it the whole day without any worries. It is also a suitable jewellery option for working women. So hurry up and make your special lady feel special!

Men's White Gold Band Ring

At Candere, we are actively changing the trends and patterns for men's jewellery. We come up with the latest designs on our website to break the old and boring narrative of men's jewellery. One such collection is our exclusive range of white gold bands for him! 


These white gold band ring men's is the perfect jewellery option for the modern-day man. Its subtle yet remarkable design makes any man look dapper. Get the man in your life a little fashion upgrade!

Plain White Gold Band Ring

Looking for plain gold band ring designs? You are at the right place! At Candere we have more than a thousand plain white gold band ring designs that you can buy from the comfort of your home! All our designs are unique and aim to attract all the compliments for you!


Our gold band rings are 100% genuine products and come with all the standard quality certifications. We also provide complete information on price break up and taxes. We aim to make your jewellery shopping experience memorable and smooth. 


Qu1. How much are white gold band rings for?

Our range of white gold band rings starts from INR 8,016 only. 

Qu2. What are white gold band rings?

White gold band rings are minimalistic ring designs that have a plain band with a diamond in the centre. 

Qu3. Which is better; an 18k or 14k white gold band?

Both the carats are suitable in their own place. However, 14kt white gold jewellery has a 58.5% pure gold percentage while 18kt is 75% pure gold. You can decide on the gold carat based on your budget.