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Can I wear white jewellery for my wedding?

The concept of wearing white gold jewellery sets in India is slowly gaining popularity, and hence many brides are choosing this option. You can select white jewellery if you want to, as it looks beautiful.

Does white gold cost more than normal gold?

The price of gold in India is transient, and there are some instances when there could be a difference between the two. You can get a complete estimate of the price from our website.

Can I return the jewellery?

Yes, after you have ordered and received the jewellery, you can return it; however, make sure you go through our terms and conditions before purchasing. 

Is white gold lasting?

Yes, your white gold Indian jewellery set or even the more Western ones are an investment. Hence you can make it last for a longer period very easily.


A White Stone Jewellery Set- The Perfect Jewel Option!

You will notice that no matter what age we belong to, each of us more or less have gold jewellery sets at home. However, that is not the case when it comes to white jewellery sets! A white jewellery set goes well with most of your outfits, and the best thing is that it will make you look unique. There are usually a lot of options that you can choose to try out. We have spoken about a few of them for better reference.

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Design of the White Jewellery Set:

Be it a white jewellery set for a wedding or attending any other occasion, it is surely extremely elegant. Some of the unique features of the white jewellery set are:

  • It is made out of pure white gold, and the quality of this unique set goes through rigorous testing. Only after the certification do we use gold for our jewellery pieces.
  • Be it the white gold Indian jewellery set or even our sleek Western options, and each looks extremely beautiful and classy. You can pair it up with everything; the best jewellery designers in the field design these. 
  • If you select a white stone bridal jewellery set, there are options for adding diamonds according to your desired quality. Grades like SI IJ, SI GH, VS GH, and VVS EF are available.
  • After you have placed an order with us for a white stone jewellery set, you can get it very easily, and we will deliver it to your doorstep. You will get all the necessary billing details which will enable you to maintain the credibility of the set.

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Wide Range of Options to Select From.

We have tried to make the experience for white stone jewellery set online shopping more promising, so you can select the options you want. Some of the most popular choices are:


  1. White Gold Pendant - this is one of our most classic designs, and you can start the pendant with a pearl and a diamond as per your requirements. You can add some chic white gold earrings to make it a full white stone jewellery set.


  1. White Gold Ring- The next very popular option from our specifications is none other than a beautiful ring. You can get a gold rate in Mumbai 18-carat or 22-carat ring per your requirements and a diamond that suits your grade preference. There is also a choice to add black pearls if you want to. 


  1. White Jewellery For Wedding - If you want to go with something unique for your wedding, we also have a white stone bridal jewellery set. You can choose from the white kundan jewellery set range, the diamond options, and the white moti jewellery set. These are exclusively handcrafted for brides and are royally gorgeous!