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Candere by Kalyan Jewellers

Diamond Light N Lovely Necklace

Anna Diamond Necklace

Anna Diamond Necklace

Rs. 177,559 Rs. 142,047

Style No C009385

Estella Diamond Necklace

Rs. 184,319 Rs. 147,455

Style No C009453

Gia Diamond Necklace

Rs. 238,481 Rs. 190,785

Style No C009437

Cherrie Diamond Necklace

Rs. 316,853 Rs. 253,482

Style No C009377

Naomi Diamond Necklace

Rs. 673,528 Rs. 538,822

Style No C007855

Liora Diamond Necklace

Rs. 358,653 Rs. 286,922

Style No C009359

Abhisri Diamond Necklace

Rs. 483,554 Rs. 386,843

Style No C007847

Deshna Diamond Necklace

Rs. 562,268 Rs. 449,814

Style No C007851

Drishya Diamond Necklace

Rs. 515,500 Rs. 412,400

Style No C007843

Jerzie Diamond Necklace

Rs. 408,616 Rs. 326,893

Style No C009389

Alivia Diamond Necklace

Rs. 285,529 Rs. 228,423

Style No C009373

Lorren Diamond Necklace

Rs. 338,073 Rs. 270,458

Style No C009369

Christeena Diamond Necklace

Rs. 336,590 Rs. 269,272

Style No C009363

Arosa Antique Diamond Necklace

Rs. 292,818 Rs. 234,254

Style No C012313

Star Drops Ziah Diamond Necklace

Rs. 583,525 Rs. 466,820

Style No KC00021

Light Weight Diamond Necklaces

It is not necessary that a diamond necklace has to be heavy and weighed down. Many necklaces in our collections are also light-weight and hence easy on the pocket too. These are the latest designs, the most contemporary versions of what the ancient times’ women would prefer. These are also the edited versions of designer necklaces from the treasury of kings and queens. This collection also includes some really light, flirty and romantic diamond necklaces, that are mostly gold chains most of the way, occupying only a little space of craftwork on the neck. Like Delicate Damsel, Sunlit Dahlia, Constellation, Cascading Rains, Trickling Dew, Desert Rose, Elixir of Eden and Prom Queen – that are labelled as designer necklaces, but are light weight and easily wearable too. Cute Calla and Royal Magnolia are inspired by cherry blossom flower and the chrysanthemum flower.

Diamond Necklaces with Price

Even though light in weight, these can also be worn for wedding and related functions. They are priced upto 4.5 lakhs.

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