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Cocktail Drops

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If you have diamond aspirations and gemstone desires, you need to check out Candere’s fascinating collection of Cocktail Drops in the category of Diamond Drop Earrings. For admirers and lovers of pearls, Candere has options of designs to choose from amongst Dulcie Pearl Diamond Earring, Pearlina Ruby Earring, Marcia Emerald Earring and Marlena Ruby Earring. For those of you whom venerate coloured gemstones, you would love these: Kimrose Blue Sapphire Earring, Rita Diamond Earring, Lorena Emerald Earring and Gloria Ruby Earring. Of these, the Lorena Emerald Earring comes with an equivalent diamond pendant in Lorena Emerald Pendant – beautiful peacock design – for you to make a perfect match with. You will never fall short of ideas to accessorize yourself on occasions and festivals. You may fall short of occasions though! With exquisite, ethnic and splendid jewellery that Candere has and the enticing, mesmerizing designs on cocktail drop earrings hand crafted by our jewellery designers you can never wait to own these jewels! Diamond Drop Earrings Prices range from INR 30,000 to a high price bracket of 1 lakh to 1.5 lakh; with this range, Candere is a brand to own! Not just for your collection but to wear and enrich your lifestyle!


For those who adulate peacock designs, here is what you must own: Rita Earring and Rita Pendant. Also, blue sapphire studded Kimrose earring is what you can esteem with an equally resplendent Kimrose pendant. For those who adore not one but multiple diamonds, you must sheen, wearing a pair of Elysia Diamond Earring studded with not less than 38 glittering diamonds! And why not pair it up with matching yet mesmerizing Elysia Diamond Pendant? Imagine the brightness you will spread around you on a splendid, sensuous evening wearing a combination of these two stunning pieces of jewellery. Our enticing pair of Rosalie Tourmaline Green Earring is also our strong recommendation for you if you have loved our previous suggestions – now that’s one amazing collection you have there, don’t you! Something to envy for!

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Wedding Drop Earrings and Engagement Drop Earrings, for leisurely interests, you cannot miss our incredible collection of Diamond Stud Earrings, Diamond Bali Earrings & Diamond Dangle Earrings. And why Candere? Yeah, we have more than one reason to convince you on this. Easy EMI option, comfort of online shopping for diamond jewellery, easy return policy, excellent service at three stages: before purchase, during purchase and also post purchase! And what's best, you get to have a personal experience thanks to one-to-one interaction with our jewellery experts! Where will you get an amazing combination of services like Candere?


You would also love to explore our mesmerizing designs in diamond subtle solitaires and diamond jhumka earrings.



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