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Candere by Kalyan Jewellers

Diamond Cocktail Drops Earrings

Anathi Diamond Earring

Rs. 217,665 Rs. 174,132

Style No C007981

Sophie Diamond Earring

Rs. 160,490 Rs. 128,392

Style No C009491

Pranjal Diamond Earring

Rs. 175,363 Rs. 140,290

Style No C006803

Dakshita Diamond Earring

Rs. 94,959 Rs. 75,967

Style No C008931

Rita Diamond Earring

Rs. 83,794 Rs. 67,035

Style No C009499

Dulcie Pearl Diamond Earring

Rs. 204,573 Rs. 163,658

Style No C009495

Gloria Ruby Earring

Rs. 85,939 Rs. 68,751

Style No C008879

Flavia Diamond Earrings

Rs. 92,320 Rs. 73,856

Style No C008877

Elysia Diamond Earrings

Rs. 61,333 Rs. 49,066

Style No C008869

Pearlina Ruby Earring

Rs. 174,601 Rs. 139,681

Style No C008921

Lina Diamond Earring

Rs. 258,299 Rs. 206,639

Style No C008133

Jacy Diamond Earring

Rs. 145,629 Rs. 116,503

Style No R008248

Gracella Diamond Earrings

Rs. 92,824 Rs. 74,259

Style No C008859

Snow White Diamond Earrings

Rs. 54,774 Rs. 43,819

Style No C005525

Ishitha Diamond Earrings

Rs. 247,504 Rs. 198,003

Style No C005243

Arbutus Diamond Earring

Rs. 99,165 Rs. 79,332

Style No C001104

Diamond Cocktail Earrings

Just like cocktail rings, there are cocktail earrings too, with the same intention or purpose – loud, heavy, large, bold, fancy and really attention grabbing. The designs or patterns are loud, complicated and have several twists, turns, twirls and curls, all along, studded with diamonds and lots of gemstones – both precious and semi-precious. There is a lot of thought process into the arrangement, pattern and placement of stones around the designs in this category. Most of the earrings in this collection have matching pendants or matching rings – so do not think twice before making a complete set for your special night out, sparkle and stand out with a class apart set of jewellery. With their larger than life size dimensions, they are sure to get you all the attention you deserve.

Designer Diamond Earrings

This collection is an assortment of some danglers, some tassels and some large studs; some are also detachable earrings, meaning two styles in the guide of one product. But these are no way your regular or daily wear ordinary earrings, but are designer ones, meant only for special occasions in your life. It is recommended that you have a collection of your own, and flaunt each style as and when the need arises. Match them perfectly with your outfits and ensembles and don’t forget to put them away safely in their designated boxes, after removing them, to protect them.


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