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Diamond Rings Below Rs. 10,000

Argia Diamond Ring

Rs. 11,018 Rs. 9,365

Style No C012843

Tiny Triangles Diamond Ring

Rs. 10,612 Rs. 9,020

Style No C012847

Waltz Casual Diamond Gap Ring

Rs. 9,507 Rs. 8,081

Style No C013069

Floral hearts Diamond Ring

Rs. 11,348 Rs. 9,646

Style No C014020

Ginata Diamond Ring

Rs. 11,541 Rs. 9,810

Style No C014059

Rangoli Diamond Flexi Ring

Rs. 9,581 Rs. 8,144

Style No C015171

Mini Tulips Diamond Ring

Rs. 14,184 Rs. 12,056

Style No C014047

Roses Miracle Diamond Flexi Ring

Rs. 10,686 Rs. 9,083

Style No C015162

Sonnet Solitaire Diamond Ring

Rs. 37,199 Rs. 31,619

Style No C015511

Posy Diamond Ring

Rs. 9,000 Rs. 7,650

Style No C014032

Oh! Bow Diamond Flexi Ring

Rs. 10,166 Rs. 8,641

Style No C014997

Bud And Bloom Flexi Diamond Ring

Rs. 10,036 Rs. 8,531

Style No GR00738

Akina Diamond Ring

Rs. 8,921 Rs. 7,583

Style No C014056

Sunny Halo Diamond Flexi Ring

Rs. 9,858 Rs. 8,379

Style No C015168

Ayana Diamond Ring

Rs. 8,454 Rs. 7,186

Style No C014041

Little Queen Diamond Flexi Ring

Rs. 9,904 Rs. 8,418

Style No C015060

Diamond Rings are pretty! As opposed to the pre-conceived notion of diamonds being expensive, they are actually quite affordable. In our Diamond Rings collection, you will find simple daily wear as well as Solitaire Diamond Rings, Diamond Engagement Rings, Eternity Diamond Rings, Cocktail Diamond Rings, Classic Diamond Rings, Casual Diamond Rings, Wedding Diamond Rings and Three Stone Diamond Rings.

Diamond Rings Online

Diamonds speak volumes for: style, grace, love, sophistication, memories, phew! The list goes endless. Diamonds give a fairy tale experience to every girl who either wears it or dreams of wearing it. Diamond jewellery symbolizes poise, passion, perfection, purity, pristine, and everything that’s a class apart. Imagine a simple humble gold ring with the most modest design - uncomplicated and minimal. Now imagine the same ring with one or two diamonds encrusted to it. Which one would you wear?

Every diamond has a story to tell, an experience to give. Diamonds are not just perfectly cut carbon atoms with facets and surfaces, there’s more than meets the eye. Diamond Rings forge an emotional bonding with the giver and the wearer. Lucky are those who exchange diamond rings, for it will become an eternal reminder of their love saga.

Diamond Rings Design

Diamond rings are encrusted on gold - a soft yet precious metal that lovingly holds the priceless stones. A metal as soft as your heart, a stone as brilliant as your smile! It is the brilliance of the combination of diamond & gold that gives a jewellery designer the opportunity to experiment with different diamond rings design.

Candere has a competent collection of diamond ring designs online, that goes beyond your imagination. And if you can’t find your perfect diamond rings here, you can ask for customization; because Candere is happy to curate customized diamond ring designs for its patrons. We understand and love the fact too that diamond rings are timeless.

At Candere, we have a wide range of diamond rings designs that will suit your needs per situation – Band Rings, Broad Diamond Rings, Cocktail Diamond Rings, Delicate Diamond Rings, Eternity Diamond Rings, Eternity Rings, Gap Diamond Rings, Multistone Diamond Rings, Diamond Solitaire Rings, Three Stone Diamond Rings and Two Finger Diamond Rings.

Real Diamond Rings With Price

Moreover, fulfil your creative desire with our collections of cocktail diamond rings: Designs for every party, gathering and a reason to show off your new found love for sparkle. 

Diamond engagement rings: Every girls dream is to be proposed by the man of her dreams in a romantic most electrifying experience that will give you goose bumps each time you look at the piece of rock on your finger.

Classic Diamond Rings: Classic Diamond Rings are regular evergreen designs passed on to generations. 

Anniversary Diamond Rings: The one thing that every woman looks forward to every year; an anniversary gift, what could be better than gifting A beautiful eternity stackable band to go with her wedding or engagement ring, or a new design she has been longing to wear. That’s our idea of the perfect kind of anniversary diamond rings.

Bridal Diamond Rings: each bride is different, and so should be her ring, something she would exhibit for the years to come. We have an assorted list of Bridal Diamond Rings with us.

Couple Diamond Rings: Couple Diamond Rings are the ideal matching wedding bands for the couple in love, and last but not the least,

Diamond eternity bands: A promise ring that consolidates your commitment, in marriage, wedding, or otherwise just in love.

Diamond Rings For Women

You don't need to express your love with words anymore...if that makes you feel shy and blushed; enhance that blush with one of our beautiful diamond rings; say you love your loved one with one of the pink sapphire diamond rings or pop a proposal with the help of one of our solitaire diamond rings. Pamper your lady love with a round diamond ring. And, don't forget to spoil your baby girl with a princess cut diamond ring - she will love you with all her heart! Be a doting parent for your princess. Celebrate your daughter's affection for you with dazzling diamonds.

Diamond Rings Price

Diamond Rings in India have been a part of all occasions, festivities, weddings, bonding, parties, etc. since time eternal; to the extent that Indians now cannot think of an important celebration sans diamond jewellery. Even though, there has been a considerable shift and transformation in diamond rings buying trends and demand-supply cycle with designs, settings, carat sizes, etc.; the industry has only witnessed an interesting evolution.

Diamonds (and diamond rings) have often been assumed to be costly. That’s why people are hesitant to buy diamond rings. That’s why we curated a special page with 150+ Diamond Rings under Rs. 20,000. Here you will find a variety of diamond rings – Eternity Bands, Diamond Casual Rings, Statement Diamond Rings, Miracle Plate Diamond Rings, Diamond Rings for Him and more!

You can also choose the colour of gold to suit your personality: the traditional yellow, the westernized white or the feminine rose pink.  

Designer Diamond Rings

What’s more, you can choose from a variety of fancy shaped diamonds, from Heart diamonds: The quintessential Valentine gift, or Pear Diamonds: for the fancier diva who would prefer an unconventional design. The Cushion Diamond for those torn between the round and the princess cut and of course there is the eternal princess cut: the name says it all.

Diamond Ring Designs With Price

Prices for diamond rings online starts from INR 6,900 (approx.)only. Diamond ring price in India is quite competitive; the perfect range to suit all types of pockets and also to enable you to enhance your beauty with diamonds and hold them close to your heart! Why would you shy away from buying diamond rings online for a higher price range, when Candere offers the EMI plan and purchase option for every diamond ring purchased online.

Certified Diamond Rings

You can expect authentic and only certified diamond rings from Candere, stamped by IGI, GIA and BIS Hallmarking with complete trust on your online jewellery. Always ask for an invoice for your purchase and a certificate to accompany your jewellery.

Diamond Rings On EMI

What’s best with Candere is that you can now come closer to buying that dream jewellery, thanks to our EMI plan and purchase option, curated especially for our online buyers… Now don’t stop or limit yourself, go ahead and buy jewellery on EMI and ask for a plan or make your own plan to complete your purchase.

Candere offers these interest-free EMI option – Plan & Purchase and EMI by Kissht. In Plan & Purchase, you complete the payment for a product in six to nine months and get the jewellery only when the payment is complete. Meanwhile, EMI by Kissht allows you to get the product in your hands first and then complete the payment eventually.

Buy Diamond Rings Online

Thanks to an online presence across several digital market places, Candere is not only able to reach out to elite jewellery customers across metro cities (ex. Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Indore, and Pune)  but also different corners of the country with trusted delivery partners (FedEx, Blue Dart DTDC and BVC). 

Kalyan Jewellers Diamond Rings

Candere is the online branch of Kalyan Jewellers. We have Glo Collection, Ziah Collection and Vedha Collection by Kalyan Jewellers which has a handful of diamond rings. Simply visit and shop your heart away.
While you are at it, feel free to browse through the multiple Kalyan Jewellers wedding collections listed with us (Vedha, Nimah Collection, Mudhra Collection, Rang, Sankalp, Nivara).

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