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Diamond Just Initials

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Initial Diamond Pendants

Now that comes as a new, modern method to introduce oneself, isn’t it? Wearing a pendant of your initial letter, in any language tell something about you. Now that people have been finding ways to wear their names around their neck, it could be a single initial letter, or the combined letter of you and your loved one, or your entire first-name (also known as good-name in some regions) – nothing could make it look more aesthetic than diamonds and birthstones. Well, talking of birthstones, adding a tiny little of that to your pendant also adds to the information you portray about yourself.


Also known as letter pendants or alphabet pendants, these make up for the perfect jewellery gift for a loved one, no matter what the occasion.

Initial Pendants

This collection is an amalgamation of different types of settings of the alphabet:


1. Set on a solid disc with a single 0.07Ct diamond in flush setting

2. Within a fibre glass frame bordered by gold, set in extremely tiny VVS-EF grade embedded diamonds

3. Cursive capital letters, twisted to accommodate the contour of a heart and set in not more than 3-4 star diamonds set in prongs


You will love to have these around your neck and also gift it to someone very special, who holds a soft corner deep within your heart. Price will vary on the scale of INR 20,000 according to the no. of diamonds used to complete the piece. These are perhaps the most elegant piece of jewellery one can have. It would be a great idea to shop for the entire family together, with their individual alphabet pendants, given the prices are so affordable, starting at just 8000.

Diamond Pendant India

Initial pendants are cast in diamonds and gold – a precious metal whose price fluctuates day in day out. Knowing that, we extend you the liberty of the EMI option to plan your purchase. Once you have selected and finalized your design on Candere, simply make a booking payment of any amount you choose and then continue to pay the remaining amount over a period of a few months. The booking amount is a part of your total order value, so you are never paying a penny above the total price of the jewellery. There is no extra cost involved in the form of interests. This way, you protect your price too.

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Were you aware that almost every single piece of jewellery you purchase, buy, see on the shelf is certified? So is it with your precious stones. Every single precious gem embedded in your jewellery carries a certificate from the same certifying lab, it could be either of Gemological Institute of America or International Gemological Institute. In the USA, most of the gemstones are certified by the American Gemological Laboratories. Just so you are aware as a buyer of jewellery, never accept the delivery of any jewellery – metal or studded - without it being accompanied by a proper, authentic certification for both the metal and the stone. Even precious metals are hallmarked by the BIS – a certificate plus a hallmarking on the product itself.

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Style No C012498

Rs. 8,339

Style No C000308

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Rs. 9,177

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Rs. 8,654

Style No C000318

Rs. 11,110

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Rs. 9,969

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Rs. 11,110

Style No C008509

Rs. 11,483

Style No C008481

Rs. 8,654

Style No C000321

Rs. 9,177

Style No C000324

Rs. 9,282

Style No C000326

Rs. 9,282

Style No C000329

Rs. 12,545

Style No C008511

Rs. 10,865

Style No C008513

Rs. 10,737

Style No C008541