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Multi-Stone Nose Pins

Paisley Diamond Wire Nose Pin

Rs. 6,109

Style No C013703

Izarra Diamond Wire Nose Pin

Rs. 5,293

Style No C013695

Yoomee Diamond Wire Nose Pin

Rs. 6,738

Style No C013699

Astelbie Diamond Wire Nose Pin

Rs. 6,486

Style No C013697

Paisley Diamond Nose Pin

Rs. 6,221

Style No C013689

Izarra Diamond Nose Pin

Rs. 5,433

Style No C013681

Yoomee Diamond Nose Pin

Rs. 6,878

Style No C013685

Astelbie Diamond Nose Pin

Rs. 6,626

Style No C013683

Eistir Diamond Wire Nose Pin

Rs. 4,888

Style No C013693

Sterre Diamond Wire Nose Pin

Rs. 9,848

Style No C013707

Xing Diamond Wire Nose Pin

Rs. 12,723

Style No C013705

Starr Diamond Wire Nose Pin

Rs. 8,128

Style No C013701

Eistir Diamond Nose Pin

Rs. 5,029

Style No C013677

Xing Diamond Nose Pin

Rs. 12,863

Style No C013691

Starr Diamond Nose Pin

Rs. 8,269

Style No C013687

Savannah Diamond Nose Pin

Rs. 7,341

Style No C007045

Multi Stone Nose Pin

If someone assumes that there is hardly any scope for designing or craftsmanship in nosepins, then they have surely not viewed Candere’s multi-stone nose pin collection, studded in diamonds – no matter how tiny. While most of them have been cast in three stones, many have been set in multi-stone patterns too. The nose pin is tiniest ornament worn by women, on their noses, mostly on the left side.

Single Nose Pins

Nose piercing helps maintain the gynaec health of women, as it is constantly in touch with and presses vital freak nerves that run in that area. It helps overcome nervousness, depression and anxiety, as suggested by some health sciences. Older women and adult girls usually get their nose pierced and start wearing nose pin, once they get hold of this vital information. It also helps them to maintain focus in life. Other than which, the nose pin is a humble ornament that adorns the nose, makes it look very sharp and graceful.

Stone Nose Rings

Since the known times of civilization, nose pins or nose rings have been very popular amongst women, amongst the royals too. Even though these were very elaborate, rather in large rounds or clusters of diamonds and gemstones that women would wear at all times, irrespective of whether there was an occasion in the house or not. There were also family-designers in those days who would personally look into making jewellery pieces for women, using different or combinations of metals and precious stones (whatever was found and was available in those days) as per each one’s taste. Whatever the stone, there was always a metal needed to hold the stones in place.

Diamond Nose Pin Single Stone with Price

Nose pins under this collection are usually made in geometrical, floral or abstract shapes and the style of wearing maybe a golden string like hook, or a screw. This makes it very easy to wear.

Single Stone Nose Pin

Even though this particular category has mostly clusters of or patterns of diamonds, there are some single stone nose pins too, that use extremely tiny carats of diamonds. The size of these single stones varies from 0.05Ct to 0.20Cts. Other than 1-2 pieces, a large chunk of nose pins are priced below INR 10000. You will never have to worry about budget or expenditures when buying nosepins from this collection. After all, it is gold and jewellery that you are investing in, not something unwanted.

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