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Toriana Diamond Nose Ring

Rs. 12,602 Rs. 10,838

Style No C007985

Barbi Diamond Nose Ring

Rs. 9,541 Rs. 8,205

Style No C013709

Della Diamond Nose Ring

Rs. 7,586 Rs. 6,524

Style No C013711

Nuria Diamond Nose Ring

Rs. 8,617 Rs. 7,411

Style No C013713

Enya Diamond Nose Ring

Rs. 8,902 Rs. 7,656

Style No C013715

Almaz Diamond Nose Ring

Rs. 7,394 Rs. 6,359

Style No C013717

Bonnie Diamond Nose Ring

Rs. 7,812 Rs. 6,718

Style No C013719

Lixue Diamond Nose Ring

Rs. 10,102 Rs. 8,688

Style No C013721

Lynnet Diamond Nose Ring

Rs. 8,059 Rs. 6,931

Style No C013776

Diamond Nose Rings

Diamonds are the most precious gemstones in the world. And it is a well-known fact that even though they are the hardest material known to man, they are also known to soften hearts and melt away anger. Just the sight of them is enough to provoke out-of-the-earth reactions from women! Add to that, the beauty of the nose that wears these amazing studs….the look can be described as nothing short of ‘seductive’. Seduce you man with these sensuous diamond nose rings and what’s best, you can alter them to suit your style, size and also demand a yellow or white colour as per your taste!

Diamond Nose Rings Price

If you are the drama queen, love to throw tantrums to get your things done, Candere reckons the Toriana Diamond Nose Pin for you, and to team it up, we have the Chandini Diamond Earring – exclusively for the drama queen. Toriana is studded with 7 dramatic 0.07 carat diamonds, in a perfect rounded alignment embedded within the most beautiful metal on earth. Nothing can be as enticing as this diamond nose ring, we can bet on that. To enhance the drama quotient, you might as well have the Saadhana Diamond Earrings – just for more fun with the drama thing on certain occasions. You will rock with our flashy diamonds…why, because diamond is the most precious rock! As tough as a rock from inside, as riveting as your gooey chocolate from outside! Toughness is a mandatory quality for diamond, for it to last as long as you desire on your nose! After all, we make lifelong promises!

Gold Nose Rings

Just one more recommendation from Candere for Toriana – a must have for the high class occasion, you cannot miss the Clarisse Diamond Earring, it just matches so perfectly with Toriana. Clarisse is studded with not less than 48 strikingly gorgeous diamonds!

Diamond Nose Rings Designs

If you are someone who wears subtlety, you would adore the Aurora Diamond Nose Pin studded with 8 perfectly rounded diamonds. You cannot miss to wear this one to your official and social get together parties – don’t you feel the need to flaunt Candere on your nose? Then you definitely should match this amazingly stunning diamond nose ring with Serlina Diamond Pendant studded with 12 stunning diamonds. Not only this, let the nose ring and pendant have the company of a matching pair of Serlina Diamond Earrings…That makes it a completed fabulous Serlina set! Don’t you agree?


Aurora can also be matched to make another handsome set with Ethel – Ethel Diamond Pendant with 27 strikingly beautiful diamonds and Ethel Diamond Earrings with 54 diamonds! Awwwww-some, isn’t it? You cannot evoke a reaction less than making heads turned and frozen too!


Another beautiful set of diamond earrings that can be paired with Aurora, is the Laasya Diamond Earring embedded with beautiful diamonds. Not very bold, not subtle either, these two make the perfect match for your kitty party or a dinner date!

Gold Nose Ring Prices

The Diamond Nose Rings fall within an affordable, yet superior price bracket of INR 5000 to INR 7000. You will love our prices too, not just our nose rings only here:

Nose Ring Online Shopping

Anniversary Diamond nose pins and Engagement diamond nose pins. For leisurely interests, you cannot miss our incredible collection of solitaire nose pins and multi stone diamond nose pin.


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