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Solitaire Nose Pin

Once a woman gets used to and addicted to diamonds & solitaires, it is tough to either dissolve the habit or to let go of it. Diamonds become a habit, a way of living, a way of style. It defines the wearer. A solitaire nose pin complements a woman beautifully, and also the occasion. It accentuates the sharpest feature of her face - the nose. In India it is common to see women wearing Nosepins, gold or diamond, before and even after marriage. Solitaires adorn not just rings or pendants or studs, but Nosepins too - adding the seductive charm to them. Just a simple tiny little humble nose pin highlights a woman’s beauty manifold. Obsession over solitaires is not unheard of from women.

Solitaire Diamond Nose Pin

Solitaire Nosepins admire anyone wearing them, regardless of age, skin colour, profession, community, or belief system. From India, the trend of having noses pierced has even transcended to the West, such that women in the West have also begun piercing their noses. A Solitaire diamond nose pin looks equally seductive on a teenager as it does on a young or even middle-aged woman.


The best thing about buying your diamond nose pin from Candere, is that you can select not only your diamond or your solitaire, but also the colour of the gold that envelopes your stone – yellow, white or rose gold. Solitaires look brilliant on delightful sharp or curved noses. When nature has designed your nose so perfectly, why would we not take efforts to design nose pins for you? A diamond nose pin is one such ornament that will not conflict with your formal wear either.

Solitaire Diamond Nose Pin Price

Diamond solitaire Nosepins are priced around INR 20,000. Solitaire size for Nosepins varies between 0.05 ct to 0.15 ct.

Real Diamond Nose Pin

You can expect only authentic and certified diamond jewellery from Candere, stamped with BIS hallmarking and IGI, GIA certified diamonds and gemstones with complete trust on your online jeweller. Always ask for an invoice for your purchase and a certificate to accompany your jewellery.

Diamond Nose Pin Online Shopping

What’s best with Candere is that you can now come closer to buying that dream jewellery thanks to our EMI plan and purchase option, curated especially for our online buyers… Now don’t stop or limit yourself, go ahead and buy jewellery on EMI and ask for a plan or make your own plan to complete your purchase.


Thanks to an online presence across several digital market places, Candere is able to reach out to elite jewellery customers across metro cities like: Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Indore, and Pune.


Rs. 6,594 Rs. 5,275

Style No C011713

Rs. 6,744 Rs. 5,395

Style No C011715

Rs. 6,594 Rs. 5,275

Style No C011709

Rs. 6,744 Rs. 5,395

Style No C011711

Rs. 6,261 Rs. 5,009

Style No C006257

Rs. 6,895 Rs. 5,516

Style No C005078

Rs. 6,654 Rs. 5,323

Style No C006167

Rs. 6,443 Rs. 5,154

Style No C005099

Rs. 7,258 Rs. 5,806

Style No C006207

Rs. 6,261 Rs. 5,009

Style No C007033

Rs. 4,825 Rs. 3,860

Style No C006287

Rs. 4,523 Rs. 3,618

Style No C008705

Rs. 5,128 Rs. 4,102

Style No C008715

Rs. 5,278 Rs. 4,222

Style No C008713

Rs. 4,734 Rs. 3,787

Style No C004493

Rs. 6,594 Rs. 5,275

Style No C008741