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Book your gold ownership certificate in 3 easy steps*

Rs. 4200/ gram

Includes value addition + applicable tax

Rs. 4200/-
Gold valueRs 36000/-
VARs 400/-
Tax payable at completion of the purchaseRs 459/-
Purity : 916

** Please double check all the personal information to avoid non receipt of GOC.



Total Gold weight in grams: 5

Quantity: 5

Name: abcd


Phone: 123456

Nearby Kalyan Store: Mumbai

*Redeem the Certificate for jewellery and avail twin benefits of Guaranteed Gold Rate Protection & refund of making charges paid on the coin.



Our gold coins are BIS 916
hallmarked and of 22K purity.


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Terms and Conditions

  • You can purchase a Gold Ownership Certificate for 22 ct. Gold Coins by making an online payment. This Gold Ownership Certificate will be sent to you, at your registered email.
  • You can bring the Gold Ownership Certificate to the Kalyan Jewellers showroom confirmed by you and redeem it for Coin / Jewellery of your choice. If you are opting to purchase Jewellery, the making charges paid on the Gold Coin Ownership Certificate will be given as a discount against the making charges for the jewellery purchased. Please bring a valid photo ID proof when you visit the showroom.
  • Gold Rate Protection: When you redeem your Gold Ownership Certificate, the applicable Gold rate per gram for purchase of Gold Coin / Jewellery shall be the same rate as at the time of purchasing the Gold Ownership Certificate.If the rate per gram is lower than the rate paid at the time of purchasing the Gold Ownership Certificate, you can avail the benefit of the lower rate. This rate benefit is valid until 31/10/2020. For purchases made after the above validity period, rate benefit offer will not apply and you will be charged the price of gold on the date of redemption/purchase.
  • In the event if you choose to purchase gold coin or jewellery of higher weight than available in the Gold Ownership Certificate, then the Gold Rate Protection offer shall be applicable only to the extent of the weight mentioned in the Gold Ownership Certificate.
  • You can redeem your Gold Ownership Certificate at any time, after the Govt of India / State Govt imposed Covid19 lockdown ends. Please note that you can only redeem your Gold Ownership Certificate at the Kalyan Jewellers showroom confirmed by you.
  • PAN Card is mandatory for transactions above 2 Lakhs at the time of gold ownership certificate redemption.
  • The redemption as above shall be subject to laws of India and all disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts at Thrissur, Kerala.
Frequently Asked Questions
1.Will I get the Gold Coin on purchase?

Under the scheme, you will get a Gold Ownership Certificate. This can be redeemed at the store of your choosing (at the time of booking) 3-4 days after the lockdown ceases. You will need to personally visit the store to redeem your certificate.

2.How is the certificate redeemed?

The redemption will be over the counter and SMS based. You will need to carry an original photo ID. The SMS will be sent to the mobile number used at the time of booking the certificate.

3.I have changed/lost my mobile number, how do I redeem the certificate now?

The customer can contact the customer care team from the registered email address and update the mobile phone number. In any event, the redemption will be only in person at the store and against SMS based OTP and valid ID proof.

4.I have lost my certificate, what do I do?

Your certificate is available on the My Account page at If you face any difficulty, you can contact customer care and they will help you out with the same. The number of customer care is 18004247333

5.I want to buy certificates of different denominations, how do I do that?

Currently, you can buy multiple quantities of the same denomination only. If you wish to buy a different denomination(s), you will have to create a separate purchase(s) for it.

6.I live in Maharashtra, can I buy the certificate from Kerala and send my relatives to pick it up?

The Gold Ownership Certificate works only for self pick-up from the store.

7.Can I gift the certificate to my relatives and friends?

The certificate is designed as an ownership product and not for gifting purposes. However, the only option of purchasing this as a gift for your relatives and friends is by registering and purchasing the certificate in their specific name with their email address and mobile number.

8.I have purchased a certificate for 10 grams and I want to buy jewellery for 7 grams. What happens to the balance money, do I get a cash refund?

No, in case of Jewellery purchase, the minimum weight to be redeemed will be the same as the certificate. In the said example, a customer can be accommodated at the store by the purchase of the balance grammage by way of coins, if there is ready stock at the store.

9.Can I redeem the certificate online at

No. The certificate can be redeemed only in person at the store currently. In case there are any changes, customers will be intimated on the registered email address.