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Express Delivery

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Express Delivery On Jewellery

With online shopping and online purchasing, comes several benefits attached that we are all aware of. Guaranteed products, certified jewellery, interest-free EMI, myriad designs, theme and concept based designs, safe and secured shipping and lots more. One of the concerns that bothers us like an ‘assumption’ whilst shopping online is the delivery. Offline shopping never lets you bother about delivery, because it is an instant give and take. Well, online shopping too has the same benefit now - express shipping.


Since we never want to limit your experience to ‘expressing’ yourself later, we have come up with the idea of giving you the benefit of an “express delivery” for your jewellery bought online. This is the intention: to ensure a fast check-out and a faster conveyance for jewellery purchased on Candere.com.

Fast Delivery Jewellery

Why restrict yourself for joy, when you can express better with a precious gift delivered really quick at your doorstep and send ripples of happiness in your life. The sooner you will receive your diamond jewellery, the longer is the period of happiness and joy in your life. Humans express themselves, their feelings, their love and affection for each other through the means of gifts and precious jewellery - and Candere is aware of that.

Jewellery Online Fast Delivery

Also, buying and giving jewellery products is not limited to a one-time event or a single occasion; it goes beyond. For example in wedding jewellery, the bond forged remains for a lifetime; to save time and avoid hassles and worry, wedding parties have turned to online shopping for wedding jewellery. For the same reasons - faster delivery; saves tremendous amount of time, money and energy too. We have diamond Mangalsutras, wedding bands, diamond rings, diamond and gemstone Nosepins & nose rings and a lot more for weddings in different communities like: Bengali, Christian, Gujarati, Maharashtrian, Muslims or South Indians.


Apart from this assortment of choicest products, you would also find latest designs added in  this tab; thanks to high demand of latest designs in diamond jewellery for all occasions. All our latest collections launched in the recent past, have witnessed amazing responses and so, the Express Delivery section includes our best-selling pieces from our very newest collections.

Fast Shipping On Jewelry

This assortment includes jewellery crafted under all the three colours of gold: yellow, rose pink and white; studded in diamonds and gemstones. Find classic cocktail rings for that party next week or a mesmerizing solitaire engagement ring for your impending engagement. Find the most suitable design on your chic diamond pendant that you must wear for your colleague’s birthday bash coming soon; or choose a pair of contemporary diamond studs for that romantic dinner you are looking forward to. All of this can be purchased in a jiffy. The best thing about this collection is the lack of hassle to choose a design that will appeal to you. We have limited the time spent on selection process, so that checking out from your shopping cart is quick.

Express Delivery On Diamond Jewellery

Express delivery on diamond jewellery is priced between 20,000 to 5.8 lakh; including solitaire jewellery also: solitaire studs on express delivery; solitaire rings on express delivery; diamond bracelets on express delivery and solitaire pendants on express delivery. Apply the price filter & you will find at least 240 pieces of beautifully handcrafted diamond jewellery designs below 20,000 on express delivery; including rings, pendants, earrings and some Nosepins too.

Rs. 23,369 Rs. 20,940

Style No C012569

Rs. 11,344

Style No C008531

Rs. 7,321 Rs. 5,857

Style No C007987

Rs. 10,130 Rs. 8,104

Style No C007985

Rs. 54,523 Rs. 51,305

Style No C007933

Rs. 26,048 Rs. 23,619

Style No C007870

Rs. 73,760 Rs. 68,635

Style No C007173

Rs. 10,573

Style No C007171

Rs. 26,215 Rs. 23,209

Style No C007199

Rs. 26,169 Rs. 23,315

Style No C007197

Rs. 23,622 Rs. 20,768

Style No C007195

Rs. 15,456 Rs. 13,440

Style No C007193

Rs. 22,016 Rs. 19,363

Style No C007191

Rs. 14,419

Style No C007189

Rs. 21,734 Rs. 18,941

Style No C007187

Rs. 22,460 Rs. 19,515

Style No C007185