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Floral HaloDiamond Ring

Rs. 23,835 Rs. 21,698

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Classic Circle Diamond Ring

Rs. 13,127

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Journey Diamond Ring

Rs. 14,850

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The Miracle plate Collection is an effort to give you more for much less. These carefully crafted products are designed to give you the appeal of a larger diamond with the help of miracle plates with rhodium finish that reflect light along with the diamonds to make them look virtually larger.

Edelweiss Diamond Earrings

Rs. 31,875 Rs. 29,993

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Floral Petals Diamond Earrings

Rs. 26,651 Rs. 24,514

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A revolutionary design feature created especially for those with a smaller budget and a larger appetite for diamond jewelry. The products can be customized from VVS EF to SI IJ to suit your pocket. It's clever designing ensures that the diamond set inside it, appears larger while you pay for a smaller one.

Madame Diamond Pendant

Rs. 12,289

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The Wheel Diamond Pendant

Rs. 22,427 Rs. 20,152

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Whirl Diamond Pendant

Rs. 19,046 Rs. 17,824

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The collection consists of rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, tennis bracelets, bangles and necklace sets all complete with the look of solitaries at one-fourth of its price. A solitaire bangle that would ideally weigh 8.00 carats is now available for just 1.00 carat. Now isn’t that a Miracle.

Zig Zag Miracle PlateDiamond Bangle

Rs. 79,415 Rs. 73,452

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Divine Rays Miracle PlateDiamond Bangle

Rs. 50,217 Rs. 45,238

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