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Miracle Plate Collection

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Miracle Plate Collection

A thin faceted plate of gold with a hole in the middle that allows the setting of a diamond; rhodium plated to reflect light in a manner to create an illusion of a larger diamond. That is what we call a ‘Miracle Plate.’

Miracle Plate Diamond Jewellery

The Miracle Plate Collection is an effort to give you the solitaire look at a fraction of its price. These carefully crafted products are designed to give you an appeal of a larger diamond that fit into your budget, for e.g an 8.00ct Solitaire bangle can be made within 1.00ct, with the same design, look and appeal.


This revolutionary collection features traditional Indian designs with a twist. The products vary from #PromiseRings, like ‘winter love’ and ‘journey’ to Halo Solitaire styling including traditional #NakshatraEarrings and #ClusterPendants. For the first time we have also introduced #LightWeightBangles and #TennisBracelets complete with single line #NecklaceSets that are unimaginably inexpensive as compared to its solitaire counterpart. The prices starting at 11,000/- only.

Rs. 21,914 Rs. 20,400

Style No C012981

Rs. 12,289

Style No C013024

Rs. 19,046 Rs. 17,824

Style No C013006

Rs. 22,427 Rs. 20,152

Style No C013001

Rs. 17,143 Rs. 15,281

Style No C012991

Rs. 14,616

Style No C013000

Rs. 17,609 Rs. 15,747

Style No C012994

Rs. 22,822 Rs. 20,790

Style No C012995

Rs. 22,205 Rs. 20,481

Style No C012977

Rs. 21,833 Rs. 20,109

Style No C012974

Rs. 17,312 Rs. 16,276

Style No C012984

Rs. 11,797

Style No C005906

Rs. 12,080

Style No C012957

Rs. 14,850

Style No C012931

Rs. 18,410 Rs. 16,483

Style No C012928

Rs. 19,703 Rs. 17,914

Style No C012956