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Promise Rings

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Promise Rings

For those who are unaware of the concept a promise rings are as much an engagement and a proposal ring as a solitaire may be. However, for those afraid of commitments, or in an early stage of their relationship, ‘Promise Rings’ are your life jacket! To be precise, a promise ring is a ring typically designed around symbols of love, like infinity, love knot, solitaire designs, engravings, couple matching rings, so on and so forth that can be presented to your beloved as a sign of commitment and promise of love.

Promise Rings for him

It may also be called a pre- proposal ring, since commitment to a marriage is not necessary. A promise ring therefore only consolidates a relationship with an intimate moment, let’s say, you can buy yourself some time before you can take that plunge!

Diamond Promise Ring

For those new to the concept, the promise ring can be made in any metal, or stone. Diamonds being most common owing to its close affinity to engagement and proposal rings. Some of our highest selling diamond promise rings are the collection of knife edge rings that come in various shaped fancy diamond cuts, like round, pear, radiant, cushion and heart diamonds.

Couples Promise Rings

The great thing about promise rings is that it needn’t be a solitaire, it can be a simple design of any sort, for example Little Bows Casual Diamond Ring, Starry Eyed Casual Diamond Ring, Blooming Gardenia Diamond Ring, Eternal Love Diamond Ring, Trisha Diamond Ring or Too Much Love Diamond Promise Ring. It is after all the emotion behind the ring, which promises eternal love.

Gold Promise Ring

However gold is not far behind in its ranking for promise rings. For those who love gold more than diamonds, here are some designs to choose from : Fragile Love Gold Ring and Wired in Love Gold Ring that are made of wire, and thus the name, these rings are amazingly affordable and attractive at the same time. The Adour Hearts Gold Ring being a bestseller in two tone gold.

Promise Rings For Girlfriends

You can also choose from a list of inscribed rings that you can customize to the word of your choice, for example, Faith Gold Ring, Believe Gold Ring, or Hope Gold Ring. And if you are looking for something exclusive, we have the Thumbprint Gold Ring, on which you can get your own thumb print engraved. How awesome is that. You very own personalised ring in the true sense of the word.

If you are still not satisfied we also have gemstone rings for the colourful you. The Asija Heart Pink Spinel Ring, Wight Rose Iolite Ring, also available in Blue Sapphire. Eternity bands in color such as the Antara Pink Spinel Ring, Divena Amethyst Band and Angarika Tourmaline Ring are slightly different from the usual and yet equally beautiful options, as is the Love Seat White pearl Ring, whose name itself spells romance.The pearl ring is available in both white and peach pearl color options.

Promise Ring Designs

Promise Ring designs can vary from heart shapes, to bows, and letters, to doves, and solitaires, eternity to infinity designs. There is no rule here that you need to stick to unlike wedding bands or engagement solitaires.

New Promise Rings

The list has a varied no of reasonably priced solitaire rings as new arrivals too. For those who find it difficult to invest in an expensive solitaire but do not want to compromise on its style and concept, we have a range of solitaires between, 0.10ct (10 cents) to 0.50ct (50 cents) options at present. The Jewel Pear Solitaire Diamond Ring, Sparkling Road Pear Solitaire Diamond Ring, Love Links Duet Pear Diamond Ring, Waves Diamond Stackable Ring, Serendipity Duet Solitaire Diamond Ring and Forever Us Duet Solitaire Diamond Ring etc.

Promise Ring Price

Promise Rings start at a very reasonable price of  Rs.7,228/- and go up to a Rs. 80,000/-

Hallmarked Promise Rings

You can expect only authentic and certified diamond jewellery from Candere, stamped with BIS hallmarking and IGI, GIA certified diamonds and gemstones with complete trust on your online jeweller. Always ask for an invoice for your purchase and a certificate to accompany your jewellery.

Rs. 12,312

Style No C013094

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Style No C013081

Rs. 20,051 Rs. 19,039

Style No C013078

Rs. 9,753

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Rs. 14,245

Style No C013063

Rs. 13,826

Style No C013060

Rs. 14,221

Style No C013054

Rs. 14,275

Style No C011748

Rs. 18,061 Rs. 16,134

Style No R002643

Rs. 14,320

Style No C000495

Rs. 24,217 Rs. 22,517

Style No C001340

Rs. 22,310

Style No GR00454

Rs. 14,850

Style No C012931

Rs. 17,388 Rs. 15,506

Style No R010234

Rs. 17,969 Rs. 15,965

Style No C001256

Rs. 15,211 Rs. 13,349

Style No R010216