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Gold White Gold Jewellery

Ornit Diamond Earrings

Rs. 35,614 Rs. 30,628

Style No C010702

Love Infinite Diamond Bracelet

Rs. 44,087 Rs. 37,915

Style No T00062

Charmed Love Diamond Bracelet

Rs. 49,724 Rs. 42,763

Style No T00056

Wreath Diamond Earrings

Rs. 28,955 Rs. 24,901

Style No R010658

Drapes Diamond Pendant

Rs. 32,202 Rs. 27,694

Style No C010650

Ditzy Diamond Earrings

Rs. 19,740 Rs. 16,976

Style No R010624

New Leaf Diamond Bracelet

Rs. 37,573 Rs. 32,313

Style No T00054

Love Trinity Diamond Bracelet

Rs. 55,141 Rs. 47,421

Style No T00052

Love Nest Diamond Bracelet

Rs. 41,528 Rs. 35,714

Style No T00050

Facets Diamond Pendant

Rs. 10,393 Rs. 8,938

Style No C010592

Nova Heart Diamond Pendant

Rs. 15,295 Rs. 13,154

Style No C010550

Amelie Diamond Pendant

Rs. 20,576 Rs. 17,695

Style No C010534

Daphne Diamond Pendant

Rs. 17,816 Rs. 15,322

Style No C010532

Weston Cross Diamond Ring

Rs. 58,651 Rs. 50,440

Style No C010502

Luna Cross Diamond Ring

Rs. 38,387 Rs. 33,013

Style No C010496

Aislinn Diamond Earrings

Rs. 38,220 Rs. 32,869

Style No C010390

White gold jewellery is one of the most picked typed of jewellery for engagement rings. The solitaire in an engagement ring looks prettier when placed on a white gold shank. Moreover, white gold jewellery is a big yes when it comes to daily office wear with western outfits. White gold just makes it better.

Let’s take a quick tour of what to expect here.

White Gold Jewellery

White gold jewellery is a pocket-friendly alternative to platinum jewellery for those who love the look of platinum. White gold is made by mixing pure yellow gold with nickel, palladium, silver and zinc. Just like yellow gold jewellery, there are multiple gold purities for white gold jewellery - 14K, 18K and 22K. In this page, you can find most white gold jewellery in Yellow and White Gold in 14K and 18K purity respectively.

White Gold Jewellery Online

Wear diamonds daily with any of the white gold jewellery designs you see above. The diamond jewellery on this page starts from 0.05 carat and goes beyond 1 carat on the premium side. Daily wear diamond jewellery designs include bang ring, chain bracelet, charm bracelet, dangle earring, delicate ring, double loop pendant and eternity ring. These white gold jewellery can be styled as traditional, ethnic, contemporary, designer, fashion wear and classic.

The page also includes solitaire jewellery like ring, earrings and pendants. These solitaire jewellery have all types of diamond setting like accent, halo, illusion, three-stone, vintage and simply solitaire. Which one has your heart?

White gold jewellery designs

Keeping in mind the elite feeling one gets while wearing white gold jewellery, special care has been taken to add a diamond in every product listed above. The white gold jewellery design weighs from under 1gm to 30gm (approx.) to suit the needs of our shoppers.

You may pick up a daily wear pendant like Daphne diamond pendant or an exclusive solitaire ring like Rosie engagement ring for your fiancée.

The designs you find above includes multiple designs to suit your moods and needs. For instance, in earrings, you will find dangle, hoop, solitaires and stud earrings. The stud white gold jewellery has some of the top-notch solitaire earrings in simple styles, fancy settings and unique shape solitaires. Make sure you explore ‘em all!

White gold jewellery for women

This page lists all types of white gold jewellery for women like rings, earrings, pendants, bands and bracelets. The start as low as Rs. 6,087 (approx.) with Trisa heart diamond pendant. This makes the perfect daily wear as well as jewellery to consider for gifting. Besides daily wear, you will also find white gold jewellery for special occasions above. White gold jewellery also makes a crème de la crème option as gifting jewellery.

The white jewellery you saw above has designed for men and women as well as unisex jewellery. Shop the one you set your heart on with the on-going offers on our site to let your pocket breathe easy. Enjoy other benefits of online jewellery shopping at Candere like flexible pay method, free shipping in India, etc.

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