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Nivara Collection

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  1. Janaan Gold Earrings Janaan Gold Earrings
    ₹22,583.00 ₹27,977.00

    50% OFF on Making

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    Shraddha Gold Earrings Shraddha Gold Earrings
    ₹27,384.00 ₹33,925.00

    50% OFF on Making

  3. shipFast
    Ravina Gold Bangle Ravina Gold Bangle
    ₹70,204.00 ₹85,902.00

    55% OFF on Making

  4. Purnima Gold Bangle Purnima Gold Bangle
    ₹78,211.00 ₹95,699.00

    55% OFF on Making

  5. Nileema Gold Bangle Nileema Gold Bangle
    ₹111,623.00 ₹136,164.00

    55% OFF on Making

  6. Indrina Nivara Gold Necklace Indrina Nivara Gold Necklace
    ₹79,826.00 ₹97,675.00

    55% OFF on Making

  7. shipFast
    Ashrita Gold Bangle Ashrita Gold Bangle
    ₹27,874.00 ₹34,532.00

    50% OFF on Making

  8. shipFast
    Avari Gold Bangle Avari Gold Bangle
    ₹84,808.00 ₹106,711.00

    55% OFF on Making

  9. shipFast
    Avisi Gold Bangle Avisi Gold Bangle
    ₹59,802.00 ₹75,500.00

    55% OFF on Making

  10. The Warrior Gold Bracelet The Warrior Gold Bracelet
    ₹59,156.00 ₹72,383.00

    55% OFF on Making

  11. Gulinaar Gold Ring Gulinaar Gold Ring
    ₹38,248.00 ₹46,066.00

    50% OFF on Making

  12. Dia Gold Necklace Dia Gold Necklace
    ₹176,495.00 ₹215,298.00

    55% OFF on Making

  13. shipFast
    Anantha Nivara Lappa Gold Necklace Anantha Nivara Lappa Gold Necklace
    ₹18,567.00 ₹23,225.00

    50% OFF on Making

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Nivara – Traditional Jewellery for Bride To Be

A decade ago, jewellery meant gold jewellery (specifically yellow gold)! Things have changed a lot over the years. But when we think of a wedding or decide jewellery to attend a marriage party – we can only think of gold jewellery! In gold, we only stick to Yellow Gold.

Nivara collection by Candere and Kalyan Jewellers resonates with the concept of marriage and marriage jewellery. Just like marriage is the union of two souls, Nivara is a wonderful union of best of jewellery from Candere as well as Kalyan Jewellers. You can see that this collection is your one-stop solution for buying bridal jewellery.

Candere has inaugurated Nivara Collection with bangles, chains and bracelets.

Traditional Gold Jewellery

The bangles that you will find in Candere’s Nivara collection are mostly traditional jewellery. They are quite heavy ones in terms of weight and design. They are mostly made up of yellow gold and 22K Gold. These bangles are apt for the bride-to-be or the newly wed or for finishing up your traditional look for once-a-year kind of events.

Traditional Jewellery – Bangles

In our collection of 60+ gold bangles, you can see that they are mostly in pairs or 4 in number (except Tarhi Nivara Gold Bangles, Rajanii Nivara Gold Bangle, Tarati Nivara Gold Bangle). The weight of these bangles varies from 10 grams to 50+ grams. These bangles are specifically gold bangles. However, if you are looking for something more than simple gold, you can go for the ones which have design of White Rhodium. Some of them are – Shimmering Snow Gold Bangles, Jacquard Gold Bangles, Zerrin Gold Bangles, Naishaa Nivara Gold Bangles, Mukhta Nivara Gold Bangles, Vajrolii Nivara Gold Bangles, etc.

Traditional Jewellery Designs

If you are looking for plain gold bangles that look like traditional jewellery for gifting to someone for their marriage or elder family member, we have bangles for this occasion as well. They are – Deshi Gold Bangles, Yellow Spring Gold Bangles, Saodamini Gold Bangles, Voshkie Gold Bangles, Aikya Nivara Gold Bangles, Alankar Gold Bangles, etc.

*None of the bangles of Nivara Collection is suitable for daily wear.

Traditional Jewellery –Bracelets

The bracelet section of this traditional jewellery belongs to men (as of now). Nivara has a dozen of bracelets which are made of Gold mostly.

Here’s some of the best ones – The Warrior Gold Bracelet, Azar Gold Bracelet, Trojan Prince Gold Bracelet, Mokume Gold Bracelet, etc. However, if you are looking for variety, you can check out the ones with White Rhodium on them (Draco Gold Bracelet, Grecian Gold Bracelet).

You can choose the length of bracelets up to 10inches, which will also affect the pricing. Although these bracelets are pretty much traditional jewellery, you can still wear them on a daily basis if you want.

Traditional Jewellery –Chains

The chains included in the Nivara Collection are the cheapest one as compared to all the other products of the collection. They start from 16-inch, thickness of 0.66mm are priced at ~Rs. 13,000. The length of the chain can be varied from 16inches to 36-inches. Different size of chain costs differently.

You will find a couple of very simple gold chains that can be worn on a daily basis as well as heavy chains for special occasions. The simple chains include Emboss Nivara Gold Chain, Box Clip Nivara Gold Chain, Corry Nivara Gold Chain, etc.

Gold chains that can be considered as traditional jewellery includes Lancer Nivara Gold Chain, Coira Nivara Gold Chain, Omusa Nivara Gold Chain, etc.

What’s a marriage without a gorgeous Mangalsutra? So, you will find mangalsutras too. Besides, majority of the chains are mangalsutras. You can buy one of these for your better half or gift your better half for marriage anniversary. You can select the chain length and chain thickness as per your convenience.

Some of the best mangalsutras in our collection – Pivari Gold Mangalsutra Necklace, Charvee Gold Mangalsutra Necklace, Bhavi Gold Mangalsutra Pendant with Chain, Aekta Gold Mangalsutra Chain Necklace, Kanksa Gold Mangalsutra Necklace, Kaberi Gold Mangalsutra Necklace, Wati Gold Mangalsutra Pendant with Chain, etc.

Some of the mangalsutras in this traditional jewellery collection have quite significant sized pendants. You can also flaunt them as necklaces. Some of them are - Ashwika Gold Mangalsutra with Chain, Ikshula Gold Mangalsutra Necklace, Abharna Gold Mangalsutra with chain, Ansumati Gold Mangalsutra with chain, etc.

Traditional Jewellery Sets

Candere has made it a point to make Traditional Gold Jewellery Designs available for the Bride To Be. The Wedding jewellery designs are mostly Traditional gold jewellery. Some of them also have White Rhodium on them.

In the chain section, you will find simple daily wear chains and party wear chains. There are also mangalsutras in this section, which again varies from traditional jewellery to mangalsutra necklaces.

The bracelets are only for men, with difference in thickness and length. The bangles of Nivara collection have pretty much the design of traditional jewellery and not for daily wear.

Indian Traditional Jewellery

Weddings are extravagant and expensive, just like your wedding jewellery! Every item in our Nivara Collection can be bought with one-time payment or Interest Free EMI option. All you have to do is place the order with a small booking amount. Pay the balance of the amount to Candere part-by-part month-by-month. Candere does not charge anything extra for splitting up your bill!

Now don’t stop or limit yourself, go ahead and buy jewellery Plan & Purchase (EMI) and ask for a plan or make your own plan to complete your purchase.

Traditional Jewellery Online

Candere makes it a point to deliver authentic, certified gemstone and diamond jewellery. Each and every Solitaire diamond ring is stamped by IGI, GIA and BIS Hallmarking. As a concerned seller, Candere advices you to always ask for an invoice as well as a certificate to accompany your jewellery.

Thanks to an online presence across several digital market places, Candere is able to reach out to elite jewellery customers across metro cities like: Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Indore, and Pune.