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anokhi collection

Vari Anokhi Gold Necklace

Rs. 538,447

Style No KCAN016

Shviti Anokhi Changeable Gold Necklace

Rs. 296,844

Style No KCAN015

Sanoli Anokhi Changeable Gold Necklace

Rs. 165,765

Style No KCAN014

Shyni Anokhi Changeable Gold Necklace

Rs. 241,702

Style No KCAN013

Satwi Anokhi Changeable Gold Necklace

Rs. 178,321

Style No KCAN012

Rasa Anokhi Gold Necklace

Rs. 202,623

Style No KCAN011

Mahika Anokhi Gold Necklace

Rs. 170,425

Style No KCAN010

Murvi Anokhi Gold Necklace

Rs. 237,308

Style No KCAN009

Ishma Anohki Gold Necklace

Rs. 149,544

Style No KCAN008

Giaan Anokhi Gold Necklace

Rs. 116,887

Style No KCAN007

Dharaa Anokhi Gold Necklace

Rs. 211,527

Style No KCAN006

Dikxa Anokhi Gold Necklace

Rs. 150,756

Style No KCAN005

Bisini Anokhi Gold Necklace

Rs. 189,154

Style No KCAN004

Manga Malai Anokhi Gold Necklace

Rs. 230,849

Style No KCAN003

Bhoomi Anokhi Changeable Gold Necklace

Rs. 320,962

Style No KCAN002


Weddings! They bring everyone together. There is no occasion in India where such a large number of people coordinate just to shop for so many months at a stretch. Clothes, décor, furnishings, redecoration, flowers, gifts, food and most importantly wedding jewellery. Be it an Indian wedding or not, the bride is always the most important. The transition from the traditional yesteryear Indian bride to the modern brides of today is huge. From the choice of color for bridal wear to the choice of jewellery for the bridal trousseau has become so vast that one can easily be spoilt for choice.


Keeping in mind the upcoming trends in bridal and wedding jewellery we bring to you Anokhi Kalyan Jewellers Collections, designed with uncut diamonds, the Anokhi collection is fit for the modern bride who does not want to wear traditional gold or the cliché diamond jewellery designs. Polki renders a beautiful muted yet sparkly look to the wedding jewellery set, without stealing the charm and highlight of the bride to be.


The designs you will find of Anokhi wedding jewellery online is the same as that in the stores. The collection includes Anokhi gold earrings, Anokhi gold necklace and Anokhi gold bangles. The earring designs of Anokhi drop earrings, jhumkas, studs and chandbalis. Some of the popular ones are; Adhaya, Vari, Murvi and Karvari. Gold bangles of Anokhi are mostly the screw style bangle design in just polka or a mix of polki and gemstones; Niomi, Kairvi, Pavina and Iyushi are some you may like. Necklace designs are the best sellers of Anokhi wedding jewellery online. Adhaya, Manga Malai, Dharaa, are some designs that can be passed down generations. For those who like to get more, there are necklaces with changeable gemstones like Shviti, Sanoli, Shyni, Satwi and Bhoomi. All of these necklace designs come with three gemstones, namely, blue sapphire, ruby and emerald to match it with your attire.


You can buy Anokhi Kalyan Jewellers Collections online at Candere from a starting range of INR 46,000 approximately from a list of 50 odd designs. The collection is mainly designed with polki or uncut diamonds with a hint of pearl and gemstones like blue sapphire, ruby and emeralds. This is a wedding jewellery collection not just for the bride but also her entourage. The collection consists of chokers, collar necklaces, lariats as well as layered neckpieces.

All the wedding jewellery at Candere fall under the collection called Muhurat and you can find your choice of design among a series of antique finish jewellery, wedding sets in temple jewellery, regional and modern designs, gemstone wedding jewellery  etc. that include not just necklaces, earrings and bangles but also chains, mangalsutra chains, mangalsutra necklaces, bracelets for both men and women etc.

All products under this category are photographed for you to see the original look of the product. Each piece of wedding jewellery here is hallmarked for gold and comes with a certificate of authentication from globally recognized labs. You can also avail these products at no interest EMI. There are two options you can choose from – EMI – Plan and Purchase and EMI by Kissht. You can find more details here.

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