Mudhra Collection

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  1. Swari Mudhra Gold Bangle Swari Mudhra Gold Bangle
    Style No KCMB039
  2. Daiwat Mudhra Gold Bangle Daiwat Mudhra Gold Bangle
    Style No KCMB067
  3. Mahalika Mudhra Gold Necklace Mahalika Mudhra Gold Necklace
    Style No KCMN047
  4. Darmi Mudhra Gold Necklace Darmi Mudhra Gold Necklace
    Style No KCMN049
  5. Dadhija Mudhra Gold Necklace Dadhija Mudhra Gold Necklace
    Style No KCMN054
  6. Nakiska Mudhra Gold Necklace Nakiska Mudhra Gold Necklace
    Style No KCMN055
  7. Nakiska Mudhra Gold Chandbali Earrings Nakiska Mudhra Gold Chandbali Earrings
    ₹79,385.00 ₹66,942.00

    55% Off on Making

  8. Prafula Mudhra Red Gold Cocktail Ring Prafula Mudhra Red Gold Cocktail Ring
    ₹50,088.00 ₹41,827.00

    55% Off on Making

  9. Saee Mudhra Green Gold Cocktail Ring Saee Mudhra Green Gold Cocktail Ring
    ₹66,036.00 ₹55,521.00

    55% Off on Making

  10. Okya Mudhra Red Gold Cocktail Ring Okya Mudhra Red Gold Cocktail Ring
    ₹64,579.00 ₹53,973.00

    55% Off on Making

  11. Shakti Mudhra Gold Necklace Shakti Mudhra Gold Necklace
    Style No KCMN060
  12. Malini Mudhra Gold Necklace Malini Mudhra Gold Necklace
    Style No KCMN103
  13. Sandhya Mudhra Gold Earrings Sandhya Mudhra Gold Earrings
    ₹80,960.00 ₹69,129.00

    55% Off on Making

  14. Maanyata Mudhra Gold Earrings Maanyata Mudhra Gold Earrings
    ₹87,525.00 ₹73,734.00

    55% Off on Making

  15. Unni Mudhra Gold Necklace Unni Mudhra Gold Necklace
    Style No KCMN111
  16. Harini Mudhra Gold Bangle Harini Mudhra Gold Bangle
    Style No KCMB075


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India is a country world famous for its lavish and traditional weddings and the most things in an Indian wedding is the bridal jewellery. A girl waits with bated breath for her wedding day to dress up like a princess, since she was a child till her wedding day. The emotions attached to gold jewellery in India is also quite profound, as it is not only considered auspicious but also an investment and holds huge sentimental value when passed on from one generation to another.


One of the popular forms of bridal jewellery collection is the antique style gold jewellery designed to give the antique or traditional look, something that can last for generations. Antique gold jewellery designs have an undeniable charm of its own; such is the Mudhra Jewellery Collections designs. The Mudhra Jewellery Collections are a part of the Kalyan Jewellers Collections; one of the bestselling gold jewellery designs in the bridal jewellery collection category. Mudhra is a name derived from the traditional dance forms of India. The flow and beauty of the Mudhra Jewellery Collection are inspired by the same.


The Mudhra Jewellery Collections has about 40+ necklace and earring designs including layered necklaces, chokers, gold jhumki and jhumka designs. There are plenty of gemstone jewellery designs in the Mudhra Jewellery collections as well. Some of the most popular choker necklace sets of this collection are Lashita, Kamakshi and Mahuya. The other bestsellers include Ayomi, a fusion design matt finish layered necklace, Gajal, a contemporary floral garland design necklace and Rainaa, a beaded necklace design with a big pendant. The gold Jhumka collection here has a decent variety of big and small jhumka designs. Some include gemstones whereas others are plain gold. The gold necklace designs with weight and other product details like length, width, gemstone size, gemstone weight, gold purity etc. make it easier for you to shop.


Mudhra Jewellery Collections bangles come in two styles; plain gold with antique finish and gemstones. All bangles are available in a single piece and can be multiplied in the checkout cart. The daily wear designs include Shanza, Zari and Ajini, with an oxidized dark antique finish look. The other lightweight more festive gold bangles are Kanchana, Noora and Gowri amongst some other heavier designs. The gemstone bangles come in wider designs like Diksha, Kirtida, Vajra. Vaanya, Sitara and Ehzil which are slightly more traditional as well as modern at the same time. The cuff style kada bangles are Eswari with the tiny flower details that make it one of the very beautiful pieces, Abria, Shivali, Adishri with basket-like etchings are some similar patterns.

Mudhra Jewellery Collections price starts at INR 34,000/- approx. and had over 100+ designs to select from. Apart from Mudhra Jewellery Collections, other Kalyan Jewellers Collections include Nimah, Nivara, Sankalp, Kyra, Rang, Anokhi and Vedha. With so many options you can now get your choice of traditional bridal and wedding jewellery by shopping for Kalyan Jewellers collections online as well.

All products come with BIS hallmarking and certification of gemstones, diamond and polki designs and are delivered right up to your doorstep for your ease of shopping. What’s more is that you can avail discounts here throughout the year. So why wait? Get exploring.