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Facts About Jewellery

last updated at March 24, 2023 | 3 min Read
Jewellery is an important part of our attire. It just adds to our dress and fulfils the short-comings in one way or the other. Jewellery is worn by both men and women. Even though men have stopped wearing jewellery considerably, women still love sporting a lot of jewellery. Here are some amazing facts about jewellery (including gold, diamond and other precious stones) that you should know!

30 + Unknown Facts About Jewellery:

1) Jewellery or jewelry comes from an old French word joule which is derived from a Latin word jocale which means playing.

2) The word gold comes from an Old English word geolu which means yellow.

3) Diamonds were first discovered in India!

4) The concept of the engagement ring was started by Maximilian of Austria back in 1477. Diamond Ring 5) The largest gold nugget was found in Australia weighing 200 pounds. 6) Gold is the state mineral of Alaska and California.

7) The biggest supplier of diamonds in South America.

8) The biggest consumer of diamonds is The United States of America.

9) The largest consumer of gold is India.

10) The biggest consumer of diamonds is The United States of America. Diamond Bangles 11) Pure gold is yellow in colour. Rose Gold jewellery is made by mixing copper with pure gold.

12) 3/4th American brides’ engagement ring is made from gold and diamond.

13) The largest diamond found to date is The Cullinan weighing 1.3pounds.

14) Almost 10 billion tons of gold is buried in the oceans.

15) Most western currencies followed gold standard till 1961.

16) Metal age gave way to artistic jewellery.Diamond Kada 17) First synthetic diamonds were made in the 1950s.

18) Asians are known to swallow powdered pearl to cure stomach upsets.

19) The most expensive gold coin sold in New York in 2002 for $7.59 million!

20) An ounce of gold can be beaten into a sheet of 100 square feet.

21) Most pearls you see around you are cultured or man-made.

22) The oldest jewellery known to human is a 1,00,000-year-old bead necklace made out of Nassarius shells.

23) Mexico is the leading producer of silver.

Earrings 24) One in a million diamonds mined is used in jewellery.

25) Liquid gold is injected into the body of a patient suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.

26) Most diamonds are between 1-3 billion years old.

Bangles 27) Diamonds are made up of only Carbon.

28) 80% of the earth’s gold is unmined.

29) Gold is the most preferred choice of metal in jewellery because it doesn’t react with the skin.

30) Gold is found under the earth’s surface across all the seven continents.

31) The oldest pearl jewellery was found inside the coffin of a Persian princess.

That’s all about facts on jewellery that you should know. If you know any other interesting facts on jewellery, shoot them in the comments below.



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