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The Candere Story

Online shopping has been in vogue lately and buying a high value product like real jewellery involves a lot of careful research, meticulous planning & being vigilant. When it comes to real jewellery, it becomes even more challenging to build trust. Understanding all of these concerns, Candere wishes to address them and endeavor to give the best experience in online shopping for premium jewellery.


Candere designs and crafts bravura & bespoke jewellery, that too with inputs of dedication and passion; a desire to deliver only the best. Jewellery is our love and we aspire to curate made-to-perfection designs for a visual treat!


At Candere there’s a constant revolution with respect to designs, collections and the best services in the form of offers and speedy deliveries for our dear customers. Candere makes jewellery -- not just for consumers to buy, wear and feel proud - even though that is the primary intent - but more so -- to satiate the desire for creativity. We are thankful for and confident about the online model for giving us convenience and also making e-shopping a good experience for buyers. And it is courtesy this model that helps us connect and reach out to our direct customers.


We house more than 4000 bespoke jewellery designs for a visual appeal and there is a constant addition / innovation to this. We get inspired at the drop of a hat to deliver newness and create freshness on the move. When we say revolution, this is what it means.


We endeavor to create the best of the most luxurious shopping experience for you from a comfortable ambiance - not just at home, but also on the screen in front of you. We intend to - and have achieved to a great extent - change how people look at diamond jewellery and luxurious stuff. Candere plays a catalyst in the revolution of making it feasible to the masses - to break the myth that diamond jewellery is unaffordable or expensive.


We want it to become a few-clicks experience, rather than a few hours of experience for buying jewellery! Why worry about parking your car when you can simply park yourself before your screen?


We invite you to share our jewellery-love with us, to indulge & engage with us. To not limit yourselves to business and sales, but to satiate your creative streak sometimes.


If you feel we can do better, we would love to incorporate your suggestions into our work. We thank you for being a part of the revolution with us and for encouraging us…


We heartily welcome you to the Candere family!


~ Rupesh Jain




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