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Ease of Online Jewellery Shopping

So you think you are spoilt for choice and making that final decision is becoming a bit tough; we’ve got filters to the rescue. You can filter jewellery basis many factors like: size of diamond, price, setting, number of stones, weight of gold, karat of gold and carat of diamond and lots more! Leaves no scope for confusion when your choices are shortlisted for you!

Certified jewellery Online

When you spend your ‘hard-earned’ money on a luxury item, why would you want to leave any stone unturned in assuring satisfaction and peace of mind for your purchase? Candere never sells even a single piece of jewellery with proper and valid certification from the most trustworthy certifying labs and bodies. You trust us, we trust them: GIA, IGI, BIS.

Save 15% over retail

Saving money with online shopping is every common man’s dream, especially in a time where spending has become every man’s nightmare; to the extent that daily supplies are leaving a gaping hole in pockets! Who will think of jewellery shopping in such a situation; but thanks to online jewellery shopping!

EMI on your favourite Diamond & Gold Jewellery Designs

Who ever thought of saving a few thousands on Equated Monthly Installments that too on your precious jewellery purchase? Well, Candere give you the liberty to buy the jewellery you love, for the occasion you will have soon and plan and purchase as per your wish and will.