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Platinum Jewellery Shopping Guide

last updated at July 16, 2022 | 4 min Read

Platinum is one of the rarest precious metals out there, and since you are reading this, I assume you are interested in some charming platinum designs. Good choice!

There was a time when gold was considered a luxury, but the discovery of platinum has turned the tables. Platinum is a recent discovery introduced by the ancient Egyptians just around 200 years ago.

What makes this metal so unique is that it doesn't fade or lose its lustre! Platinum is 95% pure, making it more durable, ensuring the jewellery stays intact and doesn't lose shape.

Also, unlike gold, you don't have to refurbish it occasionally. All of this elevates platinum to one of the most desirable precious metals to own.

So, what are the things you should know about before reaching for your wallet? Assuming you are a first-time buyer of this beautiful silverish white metal, let's go with a step by step guide that will help you with the purchase.

  1. Decide on what you want to buy
  2. Decide the budget and price range
  3. Where to buy platinum
  4. What designs to pick
  5. Making Charges
  6. Certification
  7. Buyback value

1. Decide on what to buy: First things first, what do you wish to purchase? Is it a necklace or a ring, or even a pair of tiny stud earrings? I mean, the choices are limitless. Decide if you are buying it for yourself, gifting it, or getting it for a Wedding.

2. Check budget and price range: Platinum is expensive, and you need to decide on the price range. Depending on what jewellery piece you want to buy, the price will vary. Platinum is measured in grams, and depending on how much your product weighs, its price is determined. Platinum products start from around 10,000/- and go up to 5 L.

Budget and prices

3. Where to buy platinum: After deciding on the price range, the next thing will be to shop for your jewellery. There are two options, online and offline stores. Since it's expensive & rare, you won't find many good platinum designs in your local stores; buying it from an online store will give you a much more comprehensive selection.

Also, there are higher chances of finding better offers online, which can help as platinum falls under a higher price range. Be sure to look at reviews before you finalize a piece.

4. What designs to pick: Similar to gold, platinum jewellery also comes with attractive design options. You can go for plain platinum or ones studded with diamonds, or if you love experimenting, you can also choose designs that come in a combination of yellow gold & platinum or rose gold & platinum.

platinum design

Usually, this metal is used for wedding and engagement rings, as 95% purely platinum signifies the symbol of pure love. And platinum engagement bands studded with diamond or not look fabulous. Here are some designs we think you may like.

5. Platinum Making Charges: After you have picked a design apart from the actual cost of the metal, you will also have to pay the making charges for the product. It's the amount the jeweller takes to mould and craft your piece. The making charges of platinum are higher than gold as it's solid metal and requires a higher melting point.

When making the jewellery, platinum requires highly skilled labours and heavy machinery. But, you can save on this cost as Candere by Kalyan Jewellers always has offers and discounts on the platinum making charges.

6. Certification: Certification is essential when you buy expensive jewellery, be it gold, diamond, or even platinum. Every platinum jewellery design you purchase should have a certificate stating its authenticity, weight, and purity.

Also, if the jewellery is studded in diamonds or gemstones, it should come with the diamond & gemstone certification. Platinum jewellery is certified by PGI (Platinum Guild International) - a third-party international laboratory.

7. Buyback value: It's essential to know about the resale value of platinum jewellery before purchasing it. At Candere, we offer the best buyback option out there, i.e. 75% of the current market value. Buyback is the policy of selling your jewellery to the same jeweller from who you bought it. While calculating the buyback value, the making charges and taxes are not considered.

Now that you know a bit more about buying platinum jewellery designs, your platinum shopping experience will be easy. Check out some of the unique & stunning designs we have at Candere by Kalyan Jewellers.


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