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Ruby Gemstone for the Cancerians

last updated at March 24, 2023 | 4 min Read
Much before diamonds came into the scene and stole all the attention, it was the rubies that attracted women the most. They weren’t the King of Gemstones for nothing! Be it the bright red colour or the rich texture, rubies carry their heads high in the air and if you are a Cancerian then take a bow cause ruby is your birthstone!

Ruby and Cancer

Ruby and cancer Cancer (June 21 to July 22), the crab is ruled by the moon and people with the zodiac sign are considered to be notoriously emotional but are also very good at keeping their sensitive nature hidden. Cancers are considered to be very creative and artistic, highly challenging and also highly domestic and emotional perfectly captured by the nature of its powerful, fiery birthstone ruby. This zodiac sign symbolizes love and life and the colour red – the colour of passion - is often associated with it. Its birthstone ruby effectively signifies the nature and power of the zodiac sign. The gemstone reflects the message as well as the quest of the zodiac sign. Ruby is an excellent gemstone that comes in attractive shades of red. The vibrant colour of the birthstone reflects the energy, passion and vitality of the zodiac sign. Ruby is believed to support Cancerians in retaining wealth and it also creates a defence against psychic attack. Just like the ruby has some mythical abilities to intensify feelings of love and rage, Cancerians too have the tendency to go out of the way when it comes to their feelings and emotions. Cancerians are known to be very moody and they are hurt very easily. People with the zodiac sign take offence and though they are good at hiding it, they often have a tendency to withdraw themselves from showing a defensive behaviour. The only way these zodiac signs can channel their emotions is through a balance of temperament. This sign needs a balance of temperament so their immense love can turn to smother, and their anger doesn’t turn into vindictive emotion. Cancerians are advised to wear the ruby in a ring, pendant, or necklace so they are able to bring stability to help balance their intense emotions and temper.

Benefits of Ruby for Cancerian

Benefits of Ruby According to the spiritual theory, a ruby is considered to help Cancerians induce strength and vitality which the sign may be lacking. Considering the fact that Cancers are prone to be very shifty or unstable in nature, the gemstone acts as a very good positive influence that enhances life, love and career of the wearer. There are many other benefits of wearing the gemstone – Wearing a ruby can help in boosting confidence and this in-turn results in professional, academic and personal aspects. A person wearing a ruby also gets the courage to have a positive outlook. The gemstone is known for building devotion and integrity which enhances the wearer’s spiritual as well as mental gratification. This will eventually make the person happier in life. Ruby presents its wearer with a fresh bout of energy. This will in-turn help them take up new challenges and accomplish their responsibilities with greater ease. Wearing a ruby can help the person embrace success easily and thus feel more generous towards life.

Healing Properties of Ruby

Healing properties of Ruby According to the Spiritual theory, wearing a ruby can help Cancerian fight certain health conditions. The gemstone has the ability to find improvement in health issues such as blood-related problems. Cancerians may also be able to find improvement in conditions resulting from an infection as a result of wearing a ruby. Wearing a ruby is proven to attract positive energy and thus induces mental strength that helps a Cancerian to combat certain health conditions due to increased willpower. The positive energy exuded by ruby runs throughout the body by penetrating into the bloodstream of the person wearing it. Some believe that the cancer birthstone helps reduce the fear of evil and paranormal feelings. According to the spiritual theory, wearing the gemstone will help get rid of nightmares, and the stone acts as a protective guard against psychological and psychic attacks. Cancerians are known for being artistic and creative. The bright, silky and deep red ruby stimulates the creative centre of the wearer and empowers them in following their heart. It is also believed that wearing a ruby helps in healing sexual wounds and stimulates the functioning of the reproductive system. The red coloured gemstone is known for inducing passionate feelings towards life. Such a behaviour makes them look more appealing and attractive to the opposite sex. Thus the stone also helps the wearer’s love life.

Things to Consider when Buying a Ruby

Things to consider when buying a ruby There are certain things to be considered when buying a ruby:
  • The Colour: The gemstone usually comes in different shades of red. Though the shade you want depends on your personal choice, the purity of a ruby depends on how deep the colour is.
  • The Clarity: It is very important to check the clarity of the ruby from its ability to reflect light. Always remember that a ruby of high quality is always eye-clean – no visible flaws to the naked eye.
  • The Cut: When buying a gemstone, it is important to check out the stone’s cut and quality. The main reason for checking the cut proportion is because it is the cut that determines how appealing the stone looks. The cut will also determine its clarity, i.e. the cut proportions of the ruby will determine how it reflects light and its sparkling nature. If the cut of the gemstone is wrong, it may be prone to chipping and breaking. This makes it very important to check the cut of the gemstone.
Keeping all this in mind, look for symmetry, lustre and transparency of the stone. Apart from being a very attractive gemstone, ruby is also a stone that brings a lot of positivity in the life of a wearer. Are you planning to adorn a ruby? Check out the beautiful ruby gemstone jewellery at Candere and we are sure that you can’t take your eyes off them. This precious gemstone is available in a variety of product type as well as different styles that can be worn on a daily basis or occasional wear. Make sure to check out our stellar cocktail rings which will definitely steal your heart.



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