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Wedding Guest Jewellery Essentials For The Wedding Season!

January 9, 2022 | 5 min Read

In India, weddings are a grand affair, reflecting the coming together of close-knitted communities from all walks of life to celebrate the union of marriage. There is pomp and celebration. All events building up to the wedding day are commemorated with galore. 

Jewellery plays an important role when it comes to weddings in India. It is symbolic to Indians and carries ethnic and spiritual connotations. It also adds aesthetic appeal and reminds us of India’s rich traditions. And in modern times, while many of these traditions are still alive, new jewellery trends are also emerging. 

You’ll see radiant jewellery being worn by the bride. It enhances her beauty and adds to her elegant look on her big day. 

You might see the bride wearing a pristine rose-cut diamond paired with stud earrings at her cocktail party while she frolics with guests suited up in wedding guest attire. 

You might see her wearing heavy jewellery adorning her ears, neck and fingers while she circles the holy fire at her pheras ceremony. 

And if she’s part of the catholic community, you may spot her wearing a classic pearl necklace with matching pearl earrings while she walks down the aisle wearing the perfect wedding gown.  

And while you’ll see the bride and groom wear their jewellery sets of choice, you’ll also notice that the guests attending the wedding also love wearing their favourite gold and diamond jewellery pieces. It is the perfect moment for them to wear their favourite pieces for the celebrations. 

So considering the jewellery trends of the times, here is an understanding of the types of jewellery you should be looking for when buying wedding guest jewelry for this wedding season.

Types of Jewellery For Wedding Guest Look:

Statement Pieces


A statement piece is not just any piece. It is one that has an effect on people the moment they look at you. The jewellery is eye-catching, bold and unique. You may think it should be crafted with colours or be oversized, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be so. It is just a piece that gets noticed with your outfit. 

Statement pieces are a great choice of jewellery for the wedding season because they pair well at gala wedding events. Think radiant chandelier earrings with your evening gown at the cocktail party. Or an Uncut Jadau Necklace at the pheras ceremony. 

You must always consider your outfit when buying a statement piece. 

For example, an off-shoulder dress will compliment a choker necklace, while a high neck dress will pair well with heavy earrings. Also, note that it is best not to add anything else to your look when wearing a statement piece.

Maang Tikkas or Naths


Worn on the forehead, maang tikkas consist of a chain with a hook on one end and a pendant on the other. The chain is hooked into the hair while the pendant dangles at the forehead. While maang tikkas have a deep religious and cultural significance, they also make fashionable pieces as they add a certain kind of elegance and poise that is traditional.

The nath is a traditional nose ring attached to the ear with a long chain. Like the maang tikka, it is an ethnic jewellery piece that adds beauty to the face. It is a jewellery piece that is perfectly feminine with a charming, old-world traditional feel.



Gold and gemstone bangles are another piece of ethnic wear perfect for your wedding guest look. 

They’re an everlasting piece of jewellery part of India’s rich culture, even outside of wedding events. 

They’re the perfect ornaments for a woman’s arm when wearing a wedding outfit and add grace and beauty to your overall look. 

We recommend you stay away from stacking styles and opt for just one or two bangles on each hand when wearing bangles.


Necklaces are pieces that express your personality. When taking your pick, think about the type of person you are, the attire you’ll wear and the wedding event you’ll be attending while wearing the necklace. 

 For example, if wearing a sari at a pheras ceremony and looking to make a statement, then an intricate gold & gemstone choker or a marvellous, heavy raani haar necklace could be your pick. 

 But if you’re looking to express your boldness more subtly while wearing an evening gown, then a dainty sparkling gold and diamond piece is more your style.


Earrings are popular jewellery pieces that make the perfect accompaniment to your wedding attire. They completely transform your look provided you choose the right pair.

For example, if looking to accentuate your cheekbones, the dangler earrings are perfect for you. But if you have a heart-shaped face wherein your forehead is wider than your cheekbones, then a pair of radiant gold and gemstone chandbalis or hoop earrings is a better pick. 

 The wedding guest look is ultimately an expression of your personality. But whether you choose a traditional or modern style western look, remember to pair it with the right kind of jewellery when attending the event.