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Diamond Cocktail Clusters

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Cocktail Diamond Pendant

In most cocktail type designs, small diamonds or stones are usually set in clusters, to impart a dramatic effect to the piece; this is in addition to a main center stone, usually a diamond, or in some cases it can be a coloured gemstone too. Most of these pendants are enamelled for achieving the desired effect – in accordance with where the inspiration was originally taken from! When attending cocktail parties and happening events, where you are required to dress up to the nines, people prefer to be loud, bold and wear a lot of bling; and to attain such a look, they also spend a lot of money on their outfits, looks, make-ups, hair-dos, accessories and jewellery too. Here, for a change, accessories hold a higher importance over basics. Luxury takes the place of necessity and also is a cause for invention. When socialization became very rampant, people went seeking designer outfits, jewelleries and customizes accessories like shoes, bags, etc. In such gatherings, the major focus remains on looks and looks only, drinks are simply an aid to juicy gossip and conversations stir mostly around style and fashion alone!

Gold Diamond Pendant Designs

These kind of pendants are standalone designs, once you wear them, you don’t need to pump up on your style quotient anymore, one dazzling piece is enough to get you the attention of 10 different style accessories. Bigger pendants have a detailing on designing as well as on the stones studded on them, including emeralds, rubies, pearls, diamonds, garnets and much more in several shapes: pear, round, oval, princess, etc.

Diamond Pendant With Price

The crux is about making the design cocktail – an assemble of several stones, shapes, patterns or colours. That’s the reason these are higher range pendants – beginning from 60000 and upto 2.4 lakhs.

Rs. 80,466 Rs. 61,641

Style No C005003

Rs. 85,238 Rs. 60,721

Style No C009501

Rs. 132,119 Rs. 99,623

Style No C009497

Rs. 161,926 Rs. 120,129

Style No C009489

Rs. 272,926 Rs. 209,537

Style No C008911

Rs. 48,893 Rs. 36,454

Style No C008117

Rs. 186,373 Rs. 141,569

Style No C012525

Rs. 65,104 Rs. 49,867

Style No C010491

Rs. 68,154 Rs. 51,305

Style No C007933

Rs. 63,593 Rs. 48,081

Style No C001686