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Love cannot be measured, unless it’s in carats…


            Love for diamonds can definitely be expressed in carats. Flashy, glamorous, always in vogue, eternal and ever faithful, diamonds are everyone’s best friends: women, men, dainty girls or handsome boys. From the adolescent, to the youth, from the middle aged to the senior-most - diamonds are adored by one and all. No one is un-touched by the beauty of diamonds and jewellery. From amongst the best diamond jewellers, there are certain things that set Candere apart.


State of the art craftsmanship in gold moulding; finish and diamond cutting using latest technology to give you the best quality; satisfying finish and the perfect look on your jewellery; the most user appealing interface; convenient, quick and easy shopping along with hassle free checkout; best deals and offers…well there’s lots more to talk about. But these are some of the USPs that keep customers glued to us, day after day, year after year. Once a Candere, always a Candere.


Once you set your eyes on our designs you can’t take them off, for sure. We make buying diamonds, a pleasurable experience for all online diamond jewellery shoppers. Once you have diamonds in your possession, there are several things to be taken care of, besides feeling overjoyed about it. You must minutely scan your jewellery, check its surface for blemishes, scars, uneven surface, flaws, purity, look etc.  It is good to feel ecstatic about your choice of diamond jewellery design; but be vigilant too. You need to have access to a jewellery consultant or gain confidence from your local jeweller and get accurate information about the hows & whys of your jewellery purchase before you go ahead with it. People fervently search the internet for diamond jewellery designs, diamond jewellery with price, best offers from competitive vendors and the most uncomplicated polices.


Online diamond jewellery shopping in India has become a fever amongst the younger generation at a very fast pace. This has changed the entire business model for online shopping, making it even more accessible, easier and quicker. Not only that, online jewellers vie to give the perfect product with maximum satisfaction and flexible buying options to all the diamond lovers out there; rolling out the best offers in the process. Also, since diamonds have a very good resale value, business of solitaires, diamonds and diamond jewellery has witnessed a boom in the past few years. Breaking myths about the resale value on diamonds has helped the diamond industry take a great leap. Trust on diamonds has increased manifold in the years, courtesy nagging efforts by diamond jewellers.


Resultantly, diamond lovers have begun buying diamond online aggressively, in contrast to the scenario from few years ago, when buyers would prefer buying from physical stores or family jewellers. The shine of diamonds is not restricted to jewellery or solitaires but extends beyond just being a piece of jewellery to being a part of your attire, your character, your identity and your lifestyle. Diamonds have become an inevitable part of life.


Diamonds are versatile enough to blend in any form, shape, size, carat; and on any design of jewellery: ring, bangle, earring, necklace, ear studs, Mangalsutra / Tanmaniya, or even nose-pin for that matter. They add immense value to the beauty of the wearer, irrespective of age, gender or other physiological factors. Diamonds make heads turn wherever you make an entrance. What’s best, diamonds come with various shapes in the form of marquise, princess, oval, round, heart and so on that enhances the gorgeousness of the jewellery that it is set in. Diamonds also have sizes graduating from cents to carats. People who regularly shop for diamonds have accurate knowledge of quality, carat, clarity, colour, cut, prices, setting types, etc. What Candere adds to these 4 well known Cs of the diamond, is ‘certificate’ which is mandatory when you are buying real diamonds. Never accept your diamond jewellery without an authentic certificate from a reputed laboratory.  


Majority diamond jewellers online offer customization and personalization to buyers; for example: choosing the ring and then choosing the diamond that they want to embed into it, thus giving a complete personalized feel. Not only this, one can also select the type of gold that one desires: white, yellow or even rose colour.


At Candere, we not only create diamond jewellery designs for you, we ensure your shopping process with us is interactive at every step, leaving no scope for confusion. As an online jeweller, we believe in maintaining trust and transparency, because we understand what precious jewellery means to you. For us, business extends beyond jewellery and deliveries.


 Loving diamonds comes in two easy steps at Candere: Love diamonds for women and for men.


Diamond-women categories are as follows: Rings, Earrings, Pendants, Mangalsutras, Nosepins, Bangles and Necklaces. Diamond-Men categories are as follows: Ear Studs, Rings and Pendants

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