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How to determine your Ring and Bangle Size?

At Candere, we like to make sure that your online shopping experience is as easy as possible. Whether you are buying a solitaire ring for yourself or a gorgeous eternity bangle for your better half, we understand the importance of getting the size right.

To help you find your accurate fit, here's a downloadable size chart. Simple to understand and easy to use, this will help you to shop with confidence because you know what you are looking for. All you have to do is download our chart and follow the instructions to determine your size.

ring sizer
Try Virtual Ring Sizer
ring sizer
To Find Your Ring Size...
ring sizer Place the on the circle, the number on it indicates your ring size.
ring sizer Use the slider to adjust with the inner circle of your ring.
ring sizer The pink line must not be visible from the inner circle of the ring.
ring sizer Want to know someone's ring size? Share this.
Ring Sizer Chart
ring sizer
ring sizer DOWNLOAD
Bangle Sizer Chart
bangle sizer
bangle sizer DOWNLOAD