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Gold Bars
All about Gold!

Gold – the only yellow metal found on earth is considered an auspicious item in every household. The ever-increasing value of gold makes it a safe haven i.e. an investment that retains or increases the value during times of crisis. Just like gold, gold rate has also been an area of concern.

History of Gold Rate

The gold rate has always been a topic of discussion in the market. It is directly proportional to inflation, currency, etc. Even though gold is considered as an ever growing asset, you can also expect to see some downfall in the same.

History Of Gold
Compare Icon Is the gold rate different in different cities?

Yes, the gold rate does vary from one state to the other. Every state has their own rules and regulations according to which they levy taxes, hence the difference.

Rupees Icon How is gold rate determined?

The base price of gold is determined by United States in *Ounce. The given rate is converted to respective weights and currencies across the globe.

Trend So Far

Did you know that the gold rate has increased by almost 800% in the past two decades.

Year Rate
2000 ₹ 4,400
2001 ₹ 4,300
2002 ₹ 4,990
2003 ₹ 5,600
2004 ₹ 5,850
2005 ₹ 7,000
2006 ₹ 8,400
2007 ₹ 10,800
2008 ₹ 12,500
2009 ₹ 14,500
2010 ₹ 18,500
2011 ₹ 26,400
2012 ₹ 31,050
2013 ₹ 29,610
2014 ₹ 28,006
2015 ₹ 26,343
2016 ₹ 28,623
2017 ₹ 29,667
2018 ₹ 31,438
*Gold Rate data sourced from Bank Bazaar.
Good Investment Why gold is a good investment?

Gold is not just an auspicious metal in the Indian household, gold is a wonderful investment. As you can see in the table above, gold has a forever increasing quotient. Due to which, you call always sell your gold jewellery and make profit from your selling.

Gold Buying Tips Gold Buying Tips:
  • • While buying gold or gold jewellery, the only thing that matters is certification.
  • • BIS Hallmark ensures trust in the jeweller as well as justifies the price you are paying to buy your gold.
  • • Hallmarked gold also ensures that you can resell your jewellery if needed in future.
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