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Independent Diamond Certificate

SGL (Solitaire Gemmological Laboratories)

SGL is a reputed gemological laboratory that specializes in the certification of diamonds and gemstones. Besides having a presence in a number of Indian cities, SGL has labs in various parts of the globe.
Every piece of diamond jewellery bought at Candere is certified by SGL experts. An SGL certificate on diamond jewellery contains diamond weight, diamond color, diamond clarity as well as the gross weight of the jewellery.

BIS HALLMARK (Bureau of Indian Standards)

BIS is an Indian origin hallmarking system for gold jewellery. The initiative of the Indian government for making hallmarking necessary for fine gold jewellery has ensured trust and reliability in the jeweller. If your jewellery has hallmarked gold jewellery, you can be rest assured that you are buying genuine products. BIS Hallmark centres are present all across India.
The BIS Hallmarking is engraved on the jewellery which includes BIS logo, purity of gold, Assay centre and jeweller’s identification mark.

IGI (International Gemological Institute)

IGI is a renowned name in gemological institutes and laboratories that have maintained the standard for determining the quality and price of a diamonds and gemstones across the globe. Most of the diamond jewellery you shop at Candere comes with IGI’s Certificate of Authenticity.
IGI certification gives you every little detail about your diamond jewellery starting from the number of diamonds to gold color. Besides the diamond count, you can also find details about the cut, color, clarity and weight of every piece of diamond that is used.

CGL (Cambay Gemmological Lab)

CGL is gemological laboratory known for its precision in the inspection of both gemstones and jewellery as a whole. CGL certifies jewellery as well as gemstones. Not only do they do an in-depth evaluation but also makes sure that the required information goes on the certificate issued by them.
Every CGL certificate carries the name of the certifier, certificate number, gemstone/ diamond properties (cut, shape, color, clarity and carat weight), gross weight of the jewellery, product SKU and description.

PGI (Platinum Guild International)

PGI is the ultimate name for platinum assurance. We ensure all our platinum jewellery sold at Candere is accompanied by PGI's certificate. Every platinum jewellery is accompanied by PGI's Certificate of Authenticity and jewellery care manual.Each certificate carries all the necessary details of the jewellery such as Design Number, Jewellery Description, Platinum Purity & Weight and Unique ID. The design number is the unique ID to track the design on our site, platinum purity and weight tell you about the material and weight while the Unique ID helps you track the jewellery in terms of certification.

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