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Noor Collection

Arezoo Noor Diamond Ring

Rs. 16,179 Rs. 13,752

Style No C014682

Emine Noor Diamond Earrings

Rs. 52,680 Rs. 44,778

Style No C014742

Joasia Noor Diamond Pendant

Rs. 27,080 Rs. 23,018

Style No C014745

Nitza Noor Diamond Pendant

Rs. 10,147 Rs. 8,625

Style No C014748

Mitzi Noor Diamond Pendant

Rs. 29,081 Rs. 24,719

Style No C014751

Meike Noor Diamond Pendant

Rs. 20,435 Rs. 17,370

Style No C014754

Mariska Noor Diamond Pendant

Rs. 18,956 Rs. 16,113

Style No C014757

Liisa Noor Diamond Pendant

Rs. 29,211 Rs. 24,829

Style No C014760

Keziah Noor Diamond Pendant

Rs. 21,191 Rs. 18,012

Style No C014763

Kiral Noor Diamond Pendant

Rs. 13,285 Rs. 11,292

Style No C014766

Simin Noor Diamond Ring

Rs. 27,896 Rs. 23,712

Style No C014769

Marika Noor Diamond Pendant

Rs. 12,502 Rs. 10,627

Style No C014772

Judite Noor Diamond Pendant

Rs. 21,633 Rs. 18,388

Style No C014775

Melike Noor Diamond Pendant

Rs. 14,194 Rs. 12,065

Style No C014778

Necla Noor Diamond Pendant

Rs. 9,564 Rs. 8,129

Style No C014781

Deniz Noor Diamond Pendant

Rs. 16,959 Rs. 14,415

Style No C014784


Morocco, also known as the Kingdom of Morocco is one of the world’s most famous inspirations for art and poetry. Moroccan motifs have allured many artists in recent years and created numerous beautiful artefacts, paintings, constructions, furnishings, fashion and jewellery. Its notable contribution to the world of fashion and lifestyle is huge as is its influence on our Noor Collection.


Noor Collection as mentioned finds its source in the Zellige – a typical mosaic tile work found in the architecture of Morocco often made of geometric shapes. The Noor collection draws inspiration from the 6 star geometrically patterned mosaics used on walls, ceilings, fountains, floors and pools of Moroccan architecture.


The Noor Collection has 37 unique designs based on the same 6-star motif. Priced at INR 8000 for a pendant the Noor collection goes up to INR 53000. Some of the most unique designs in this diamond jewellery collection are; Fairuza, an everyday gap ring, perfect for gifting. Arezoo, a unique design based on the long rings of yesteryear.  Maheera, a typical delicate jaal design with the same zellige motif. Melike and Caria – very different gap ring designs that can also be worn as a signature piece.

The Noor collection has a mix of earring designs like Athalia, a sui dhaga design, Helah, a silhouette dangle design in the same motif, Emine, everyday hoop earrings with an edgy design. The pendants of the Noor collection too spell different weaves, Mitzi, the lariat style pendant, Mariska, a double pendant and the only one of its kind at Candere is a distinctive piece that would look amazing on fusion wear. Deniz is a teardrop shaped playful pendant with intricate cutwork on it.


Apart from the Noor Collection, Candere has a wide list of editions to choose from. You will find some of our most popular collections in the collections tab, starting from inspirational designs to couple bands to navratna and religious pendants. We also have for you other diamond jewellery collections like Glo, Laya , Ziah and Hera from the house of Kalyan Jewellers.

Apart from this, you will find gold jewellery collections including Muhurat, Kalyan Jewellers wedding collection like Mudhra, Nimah, Sankalp, Anokhi, Vedha and Rang.

You can also avail these through our EMI options since we have two, you can select the one that suits you best. There are Plan and Purchase and Kissht. Plan and Purchase will let you own the jewellery once you have paid the EMI in full over a period of a fixed number of months whereas Kissht allows you to own your jewellery as soon as you purchase it online and you can continue to pay your EMI after that. Isn’t that cool? Not just this, all products at Candere comes with BIS Hallmarking and certification for diamond and gemstone, so you never need to worry about authenticity. You can go through all the benefits of shopping at Candere right here.

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