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Perfect Pendant Sets

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Pendant Set

What is more perfect than a pair, which complements each other? Perfect pendant sets make it easier for you to find matching pieces of earrings and pendants for your daily and occasional events.

Pendant Set Design With Price

Starting at 25,000/- for a set, these pendants and earrings make for perfect anniversary and birthday gifts as well.

Diamond Pendant Set

However it is not a must that you need to buy them as sets, the pendants and earrings individually start from as low as 10,000/-. The filters can help you select your choice of weight, from 2gms to 8gms for a product.

Pendant Set online

The Perfect Pendant Sets however include only diamond products, but we are more than happy to customize for you!

Rs. 22,312 Rs. 20,936

Style No C013473

Rs. 17,560 Rs. 16,669

Style No C013481

Rs. 25,840 Rs. 24,545

Style No C013477

Rs. 21,625 Rs. 20,694

Style No C013483

Rs. 18,583 Rs. 16,349

Style No C013329

Rs. 16,270 Rs. 14,683

Style No C013332

Rs. 14,450

Style No C010663

Rs. 11,095

Style No C010665

Rs. 37,527 Rs. 34,685

Style No C008331

Rs. 52,104 Rs. 48,704

Style No C008329

Rs. 36,769 Rs. 34,705

Style No C001703

Rs. 28,745 Rs. 26,681

Style No C004748

Rs. 18,731 Rs. 17,079

Style No C013382

Rs. 15,501 Rs. 13,777

Style No C013378

Rs. 21,975 Rs. 20,323

Style No C013381

Rs. 16,029 Rs. 14,305

Style No C013377