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Personalized gifts

With Lots Of Love Gold Band

Rs. 10,020

Style No GR00640

Remember I Love U Gold Band

Rs. 12,023

Style No GR00638

Friends Forever Gold Band

Rs. 10,220

Style No GR00633

Zoya Diamond Pendant

Rs. 27,905 Rs. 23,998

Style No C008490

I Love You Diamond Pendant

Rs. 24,108 Rs. 20,733

Style No C001944

Reave Diamond Pendant

Rs. 29,023 Rs. 24,960

Style No C010292

Claudia Pearl Diamond Pendant

Rs. 18,669 Rs. 16,055

Style No C008501

Love Infinite Diamond Bracelet

Rs. 44,087 Rs. 37,915

Style No T00062

Joy Diamond Bracelet-Cum-Pendant

Rs. 26,686 Rs. 22,950

Style No T00063

Unchained Melodies Gold Bracelet

Rs. 26,651

Style No GS00055

All My Love Gold Bracelet

Rs. 17,834

Style No GS00057

Soulmate Heart Gold Pendant

Rs. 18,035

Style No GR00390

Jeni Diamond Pendant

Rs. 26,413 Rs. 22,715

Style No R008480

Encircled Diamond Pendant

Rs. 10,414 Rs. 8,956

Style No C010584

A Love Diamond Pendant

Rs. 15,052 Rs. 12,945

Style No C008505

B Love Diamond Pendant

Rs. 13,563 Rs. 11,664

Style No C008507

Gifts of Love needs a Personal Touch… We love personalizing our things, whether it be our clothes or our jewellery… so why not our gifts? Adding a touch of ourselves to a gift makes a more memorable and priceless. In this page, you can get personalized gifts idea wherein you can pick a product or let us know if you have something in your mind. Before you start adding them to your cart, here’s what to expect.

Personalized gifts collections

The personalized gifts collection listed on this page includes a variety of products i.e. rings, pendants, bangles, bands, bracelets and necklaces. The Jewellery collection not only has personalized gifts for women but also unisex jewellery like pendants, necklace, etc. Once you have selected any of the personalized gifts for someone, you can also customize them as per your preference. Gold jewellery can be customized in terms of purity and

Gold Personalized gifts Jewellery

The gold personalized gifts on this page include products which can be engraved with your partner’s name. These not only include rings but also pendants, necklaces, etc. There are rings with words in their design like ‘Hope’, ‘Faith’, ‘With Lots Of Love’, ‘Friends Forever’, Remember I Love U’, etc. You can go ahead and shop these or give us a word of your own! Hint: These word rings are bestsellers! If you have a teenage daughter or niece whom you want to surprise on their upcoming birthday, you can also go ahead with name pendants. If you’re picking these personalized gifts as daily wear jewellery, one important criterion is metal weight. The metal weight of the personalized gifts above varies roughly from 1.20gm to 12.46gm. The design you want us to make may vary fall in the same category or otherwise.

Diamond Personalized gifts Jewellery

Diamonds make everything brighter. Don’t they? For those who are looking for gifts specifically in diamonds, here are a bunch of designs for you. I Love You diamond pendant, Reave diamond pendant, Lissa diamond pendant, Charmed Love diamond bracelet, Friends Forever diamond bracelet, Joy diamond bracelet-cum-pendant, Love Infinite diamond bracelet, etc. Name pendants, as well as initial pendants in diamonds, will always be wonderful options for personalized gifts. One of the personalized gifts that is worth a mention is Diamond customized pendant-cum-ring. This boasts of an unusual design wherein a ring as well as pendant is there in one jewellery. Gifting one of these diamond personalized gifts is quite a wonderful idea she will definitely love!

Shop personalized gifts exclusively from Candere starting from Rs. 6,995 (approx.). Once your cart value crosses 10k, you can avail EMI and jewellery insurance on all the products in your cart. There are two types of EMI i.e. Plan & Purchase EMI and EMI by Kissht. Jewellery insurance ensures your gift is safeguarded against unwanted mishaps. Shopping at Candere also opens you to multiple advantages like free shipping, free engraving, international shipping, easy returns, a huge catalogue, 30 days return, etc. Make sure to apply the on-going discounts to save a couple of bucks on-the-go!

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