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Candere by Kalyan Jewellers

Personalized gifts

With Lots Of Love Gold Band

Rs. 9,203

Style No GR00640

Remember I Love U Gold Band

Rs. 11,044

Style No GR00638

Friends Forever Gold Band

Rs. 9,387

Style No GR00633

Zoya Diamond Pendant

Rs. 29,651 Rs. 23,721

Style No C008490

I Love You Diamond Pendant

Rs. 25,585 Rs. 20,468

Style No C001944

Reave Diamond Pendant

Rs. 30,764 Rs. 24,611

Style No C010292

Claudia Pearl Diamond Pendant

Rs. 19,568 Rs. 15,654

Style No C008501

Love Infinite Diamond Bracelet

Rs. 46,199 Rs. 36,959

Style No T00062

Joy Diamond Bracelet-Cum-Pendant

Rs. 27,943 Rs. 22,354

Style No T00063

Unchained Melodies Gold Bracelet

Rs. 34,286

Style No GS00055

All My Love Gold Bracelet

Rs. 23,191

Style No GS00057

Soulmate Heart Gold Pendant

Rs. 16,565

Style No GR00390

Jeni Diamond Pendant

Rs. 27,743 Rs. 22,194

Style No R008480

Encircled Diamond Pendant

Rs. 10,904 Rs. 8,723

Style No C010584

A Love Diamond Pendant

Rs. 15,728 Rs. 12,582

Style No C008505

B Love Diamond Pendant

Rs. 14,220 Rs. 11,376

Style No C008507

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