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Gemstone Pendants for men

(77 Items)
Initial S Vakratu...
Rs. 15,673 Rs. 12,538

Offer Price: Rs. 11,710 (25% OFF on Gemstone Price)

Initial J Vakratu...
Rs. 13,974 Rs. 11,179

Offer Price: Rs. 11,086 (25% OFF on Gemstone Price)

Initial R Vakratu...
Rs. 10,818 Rs. 8,654

Offer Price: Rs. 8,561 (25% OFF on Gemstone Price)

Yunay Diamond Pendant
Rs. 23,971 Rs. 19,177

Offer Price: Rs. 16,940 (25% OFF on Gemstone Price)

Manidra Navratna ...
Rs. 27,701 Rs. 22,161

Offer Price: Rs. 20,296 (25% OFF on Gemstone Price)

Brice Rudraksha Pendant
Rs. 57,489 Rs. 45,991

Offer Price: Rs. 40,791 (25% OFF on Gemstone Price)

Initial B Vakratu...
Rs. 13,253 Rs. 10,602

Offer Price: Rs. 11,167 (25% OFF on Gemstone Price)

Initial G Vakratunda Ruby Pendant
Rs. 14,994 Rs. 11,995

Offer Price: Rs. 11,903 (25% OFF on Gemstone Price)

Selvaraj Navratna Pendant
Rs. 25,895 Rs. 20,716

Offer Price: Rs. 18,299 (25% OFF on Gemstone Price)

Riddham Navratna Pendant
Rs. 68,690 Rs. 54,952

Offer Price: Rs. 45,705 (25% OFF on Gemstone Price)

Vaibhav Navratna Pendant
Rs. 40,139 Rs. 32,111

Offer Price: Rs. 27,458 (25% OFF on Gemstone Price)

Srivas Navratna P...
Rs. 27,903 Rs. 22,322

Offer Price: Rs. 20,417 (25% OFF on Gemstone Price)

Initial N Vakratunda Ruby Pendant
Rs. 14,875 Rs. 11,900

Offer Price: Rs. 11,807 (25% OFF on Gemstone Price)

Om Navratna Pendant
Rs. 24,176 Rs. 19,341

Offer Price: Rs. 17,881 (25% OFF on Gemstone Price)

Initial L Vakratunda Ruby Pendant
Rs. 14,688 Rs. 11,750

Offer Price: Rs. 11,658 (25% OFF on Gemstone Price)

Initial D Vakratu...
Rs. 20,733 Rs. 16,586

Offer Price: Rs. 16,493 (25% OFF on Gemstone Price)


Jewellery has been one of the important elements while dressing up for ages. Not just women, even men adorn themselves with jewellery since bygone era. In this page, you will find some exclusive gemstone pendants for men. These gemstone pendants for men include general as well as religious pendants. Gemstones, in general, add an element of colour to one’s gold jewellery. Gold jewellery looks absolutely gorgeous and can be worn as it is, but those who want colours… here are gemstone pendants for those!

Gemstone Pendants

The gemstone pendants for men mentioned here can be easily worn as daily wear as well as festive wear. They are mostly daily wear and have a distinct bail through which the chain passes. You can also find one or two pendants with a hidden bail. Feel free to go with the one you have your heart on.

Gold Gemstone Pendant

All the gemstone pendants for men you find here are made of gold. Most of them are made in yellow gold with an occasional white gold to make these gemstone pendants for men look fancy. The same design is also made in white gold in 18K as well as 14K purity. Choose the gold purity as per your preference or budget.

Diamond Gemstone Pendant

All the products on this page gemstone pendants for men. They start from a very pocket-friendly price point and goes up to a premium range. These make quite a wonderful jewellery to be gifted to elderly people on special occasions. Navratna jewellery has all the nine gems placed in the given order. There are a bunch of initial pendants with an alphabet, a ruby gemstone and a Ganpati looking pendant at a super affordable price. Make sure to check them out before hopping to any other page. Besides diamonds, you can’t change the gemstone quality. However, for diamonds, you can select it from any of the four qualities listed with us – SI IJ, SI GH, VS GH and VVS EF. Choose whichever fits your criteria.

Shop gemstone pendants for men online

Buy gemstone pendants for men online at Candere today to get your precious jewellery home delivered without having to step out. All our gemstone pendants for men are laid out in front of you in an easy-peasy layout to keep all the designs within a few taps. Shopping gemstone pendants for men online not only keeps you relaxed but also lets you save with our on-going discounts as you shop. For payment, feel free to use the payment option that suits your requirements i.e debit card, credit card, cash on delivery, online transfer, etc.

Gemstone pendants for men start at Rs. 7,407 (approx.). Feel free to buy the design you loved and not settle for anything less. If you have a budget constraint, feel free to shop with either of our EMI plans – Pan & Purchase EMI and EMI by Kissht. You can also insure your jewellery for a very nominal charge at checkout. EMI and Jewellery Insurance are available only for cart value/products above 10k.

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