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Gold Nath

(17 Items)
Aniya Mudhra Gold Nath
Rs. 81,420

Offer Price: Rs. 66,224 (55% Making Off)

Dipeshi Mudhra Gold Nath
Rs. 73,934

Offer Price: Rs. 60,933 (55% Making Off)

Agrim Mudhra Gold Nath
Rs. 79,455

Offer Price: Rs. 64,118 (55% Making Off)

Kulini Mudhra Gold Nath
Rs. 83,426

Offer Price: Rs. 67,578 (55% Making Off)

Aarvi Mudhra Gold Nath
Rs. 82,604

Offer Price: Rs. 66,826 (55% Making Off)

Vaanya Mudhra Gold Nath
Rs. 79,744

Offer Price: Rs. 64,561 (55% Making Off)

Depthi Mudhra Gold Nath
Rs. 74,023

Offer Price: Rs. 61,078 (55% Making Off)

Arvi Mudhra Gold Nath
Rs. 84,725

Offer Price: Rs. 69,117 (55% Making Off)

Ketika Mudhra Gold Nath
Rs. 83,455

Offer Price: Rs. 67,337 (55% Making Off)

Udichi Mudhra Gold Nath
Rs. 83,546

Offer Price: Rs. 67,401 (55% Making Off)

Reshika Mudhra Gold Nath
Rs. 80,919

Offer Price: Rs. 65,694 (55% Making Off)

Diksya Mudhra Gold Nath
Rs. 88,445

Offer Price: Rs. 71,748 (55% Making Off)

Kavinya Mudhra Gold Nath
Rs. 84,982

Offer Price: Rs. 69,601 (55% Making Off)

Arwa Mudhra Gold Nath
Rs. 78,751

Offer Price: Rs. 65,352 (55% Making Off)

Kavisri Mudhra Gold Nath
Rs. 82,989

Offer Price: Rs. 66,886 (55% Making Off)

Shuki Mudhra Gold Nath
Rs. 88,107

Offer Price: Rs. 71,820 (55% Making Off)


Gold nath is the signature jewellery of mostly Maharashtrians, Gujaratis, Rajasthanis, etc. However, gold nath has become fairly popular jewellery for Indian brides in general. Irrespective of your ethnicity, gold nath has become a common choice of jewellery for weddings. This page contains a handpicked collection of gold nath jewellery for the Indian woman. Here’s a quick list of what you can expect here.

Gold nath or nathiya is a strictly festive wear jewellery. Besides being crafted in sheer yellow gold, the colourful gemstones also make these nath designs a great accessory for any party. Whether it’s your sisters wedding or your cousin’s baby shower, these add so much to your ensemble.

Nath Jewellery

Nose piercing has a bunch of health benefits. That’s why it’s customary for many girls to get their nose pierced. However, nose jewellery has a charm of their own. It adds a very feminine touch to a woman’s face. Women who wear nose pin on a daily basis love adorning themselves with a gorgeous gold nath whenever there’s a festive occasion. All the nath jewellery on this page has a bunch of fancy designs that any woman would love adorning. These gold nath jewellery are suitable for a wedding as well. These gold nath jewellery also comes with a chain to hold it in place by attaching it to the hair. The chain length varies roughly from 6.5inches to 7.5inches.

Gold Nath for Women

Gold is the favourite metal for Indians. Gold is considered very auspicious, thus brides wear gold jewellery only for their wedding day. The gold nath jewellery found on this page can be worn by ladies who have a nose piercing as well as those who don’t. Those with a nose piercing may go for the gold nath with a screw in their design with those with a nose piercing can easily go with the non-screw designs.

Women's Accessories

Women’s accessories are an equally important part of a woman’s appearance as other jewellery are. The primary jewellery includes rings, earrings, necklaces, bangles, etc. Meanwhile, women’s accessories include nath and maangtika. Popular to contrary belief, people believe that nath can only be worn by ladies with a pierced nose, the gold nath designs on this page can also be worn by those without a nose piercing. These naths are particularly great for occasions like wedding, festive, etc. Since these make a gorgeous jewellery, you may also gift them to your loved ones on special events.

Gold Nath Price

The gold naths listed on this page come with gemstones and a chain to hold it in place. With so much to offer, these gold naths start at a price of Rs.49,015 (approx.) and goes up eventually. At this premium price, you can shop all these jewellery on EMI. There are two types of EMI at Candere – Plan & Purchase EMI and EMI by Kissht. Besides EMI, every jewellery at this price point can also be bought with a nominal jewellery insurance to protect them from unwanted mishaps. Shop gold nath online at Candere and get a chance to shop from an exclusive range of designs. These gold naths are made exclusively in 22K Yellow Gold and start at 9.18gm gold. Shop these gold naths with a debit card, credit card, net banking, cash on delivery, cheque deposit, etc.