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20 Gm Gold Chain Design With Price For Men

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A 20 Gram Gold Chain - Precious to the Heart

Gold has been invaluable to the culture of India since time immemorial. Why is gold so special? The answer is that gold is regarded as one of the most valuable metals used for jewellery in India. 

As one of the largest gold markets, Indians consider gold as a symbol of growth and affluence. Gold has, over the course of history, been the central point of importance in rituals, ceremonies, a status symbol, and a fundamental representation of owning wealth that is portable. 

Thus, gold jewellery in the form of 20 gram gold chains and other gold jewellery is in abundance in India. It brings along with its financial stability as well as having an ornamental value. India's fondness for gold is as old as its culture. 

Stunning Designs and Patterns in Gold Chains

At Candere, you can enjoy the delight of choosing gold chain jewellery from a wide range of enticing designs. If you like to keep it simple, then a sleek snake chain from Candere can be an excellent pick. You can try a stunning Figaro gold chain if a blend of class and accessorized, polished look is your style. There are meticulously designed anchor chains. 

If you have a spiritual bent of mind, the skillfully crafted Rudraksha Nivara Gold Chain Mala is just for you. Make a statement with flat snake chains that are prominent and sure to draw attention. 

Various Interesting Ways of Styling

If you are fond of simplicity, you can stick to a single chain. Else, you can create a layered effect by combining more than one chain of different lengths. You can always wear them with a round-neck t-shirt or any outfit that complements the jewellery. 

Stunning Gold Chains for Various Occasions 

One of the events that drive most of the demand for gold is Indian weddings. Apart from marriages, you can also choose gold chains to wear daily. Men’s gold chains are also a great gifting option. Show how much love and care you have by gifting a 20 gram gold chain to your dear one. 

20 Gram Gold Chain Designs with Price to Suit Every Pocket 

Once you are sure about what type of gold chain you're looking for, the following step is to think about the price of the gold chain. To begin with, you should know that you are purchasing your gold from a trusted source like Candere, which testifies that you are receiving the highest quality at the best rate! The prices range between INR 51,000 and INR 1,16,000. Thus, check out the 20 gram gold chain designs with price on Candere to find your choice of jewellery today. Click here and check the 22 carat gold rate in Mumbai.

Buy 20 Gram Gold Chain Online with DGRP 

Candere provides Double Gold Rate Protection, allowing you to invest in gold jewellery in installments. Pay 10% of the final cart value to sign up, and you'll be able to claim your ornaments, even if and when the price of gold rises. However, if the price of gold dips, you can settle your installments and secure your gold chain at the new reduced price. You must pay for the ornaments at or below the reservation date price. 

Candere has prepared a plan that considers each one’s comfort and ease, and with the double gold rate guarantee plan, you can get your hold on a precious gold chain with a peaceful mind without any hassle! 

For information on gold rates in different cities, visit these pages Gold Rate Bangalore, Gold Rate Chennai & Gold Rate Jammu.

The Benefits of Buying Online

You don't have to make a supreme effort to possess a gold chain that you will hold dear to your heart forever. Simply drop by Candere's online platform and explore our vast collection! You'll be spoilt for choice, as there will be more than one of your favorites! 

You can choose the length of the chain according to your preference. Get a 20 gram gold chain for men right now with just a few taps on your screen, and pay according to your convenience, either by card or cash on delivery. Enjoy a hassle-free delivery to your doorstep and gain ownership of the priceless jewellery forever. 


How can I be sure that the gold is pure?

Candere gold chains come with a BIS hallmarked inscribed on your valuable jewellery. So you can be assured that the product is 100% genuine. You can, however, choose the carat according to your preference. 

How will I be charged?

You can check out the section which displays the price break-up. It states the cost of the metal, the making charges, and the GST levied on the particular item. 

What if I want a return after seeing the ornament?

You can get a 100% refund on purchases under 15 days return policy for items under INR 100000. Jewellery above INR 100000 can only be exchanged for its full value. The jewellery insurance amount is, however, non-refundable under any circumstances. You can look at all the terms and conditions related to returns here.

What should I look for when buying a gold chain?

The purity of gold is the primary condition to check before buying a gold chain. It can range from 9 ct, 14 ct, 22 ct and 24 ct.